Aura Wintergreen
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So I'll admit it, I love lawyers.

I have a strong passion for the law and I myself am looking forward to a career as a criminal prosecutor in the NSW Supreme Court.

Being a lawyer is a dream I have held onto since I was about 11 years old. Originally I wanted to be a defence attorney but now I know it's prosecution where my heart lies.

Even though it's so completely unrealistic and different to the Australian court system, I love watching some whows that feaure courtroom settings.

And sometimes my favourite charcters in books are lawyers

In Law & Order SVU my favourtie lawyer was Alexandra Cabot.

In James Patterson's book series, 'Women's Murder Club' my favourite character in the first three books was the lawyer Jill Bernhardt.

I quite enjoyed the show Convicton, it was all about court and lawyers and it had Alexandra Cabot in it too.

And I love 'The Lincoln Lawyer' both the book and the film

So yeah, I love lawyers and the occasional lawyer joke.

So before I go.

What's the diffrence between a lawyer and a catfish?

One's a slimy, scum-sucking bottom-dweller and the other one's a fish.