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Adventures of Teddy!
The title is... misleading. These aren't actually MY adventures. (Well, there is one exception... split into three parts... I think you can figure it out.) These are mostly Fairy Tales, or how they happened in my books anyways.
Soapy VS Jar of Mayo
Part 2
Possessed in Aisle 4

I searched the whole house for another jar of mayo, I had used/wasted the other jar, but couldn't find any! I had decided to go to the grocery store across the street, and when I got there I found something quite disturbing. I can of soda. Perfectly good. Full and everything, just lying in the street. I picked it up and began drinking it on my long trek to the store. After a painfully long one-and-a-half minute walk, I finally had arrived at my destination: The Gimme Your Money Grocery Store. I finished the last gulp of the soda, which was quite refreshing I might add, and tossed it into a stranger's car. They'd be the lucky winners of something TOUCHED by the all powerful me. As I walked in the store, I knew something was off. May it be the wet floor with no caution sign, the lady at the register fiddling with her cell phone, or perhaps the bush that moved every time I looked away, I do not know. To this day. As I walked past the lady at the register she eyed me and texted her friend. I could see it with my intense vision exactly what she was texting her friend: "OMG, this TTLY awesome chic just walkd in, and thers a bush behind her. I think its following her OMG LOL. #MOVINGBUSH!" I eyed her as she hid her phone, and proceeded to the aisle I was looking for: Aisle 4. Not only was it the most DANGEROUS aisle in all of The Gimme Your Money Grocery Store, it was also home to the LEGENDARY Not Really Mayonnaise brand mayonnaise. I gasped at it's glory atop it's golden pedestal. When I arrived at the pedestal I bowed several times in front of it for good measure, and carefully picked up a jar. I sighed a sigh of relief, knowing I had full trust from the mayonnaise. I carefully made my way around the flying vegetables that constantly flew at me, obviously wanting my autograph or a picture or something, and went to the lady at the register. She said to me in a loud voice: "HELLO, I WAS SYDNEY YESTERDAY, BUT I GOT MAH NAMED CHANGED WITH MAH SPECIAL EDUMACATION AND NOW MAH NAMES DONNALICIOUS!" I cautiously walked away, not wanting to speak with this "Donna-Licious" and walked to the other girl, whom had been texting earlier. She said to me in a quiet voice, "Hello, I am Cassandra, and I believe you're trying to steal from us. Unless you're paying for that." I ignored her comment, and gave her $10. She asked for my autograph on a piece of paper she called a "bill" and put it in the trash, obviously going to show it to her friends later. I left the store, and knew exactly where I was going: To my sandwich. I had waited for far too long and wasn't going to loose to a simple one-and-a-half minute walk back. I began to trudge back towards my house. It wouldn't be easy, but I WOULD get that sandwich. No matter what it took.


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