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Adventures of Teddy!
The title is... misleading. These aren't actually MY adventures. (Well, there is one exception... split into three parts... I think you can figure it out.) These are mostly Fairy Tales, or how they happened in my books anyways.
Soapy VS Jar of Mayo
Part One
The Impossible Job

So today, I was minding my own business making a sandwich [FYI, my sandwich preferences are in another topic] when I tried to open the mayonnaise. Usually this is an easy task for someone of my great and power-fullness, but on this particular day it was stuck. I can only imagine what horrid creature would do such a thing [Tea pops into mind here...]! So anyways, I was about to give up when I thought about what the normal person would do. Give up. While that was very much a good option, I was not the normal person. So I pressed on, until that is one of my fingers popped off. I sighed as I picked it up and put it back on, regretting the whole sandwich idea in the first place. Right about now a nice refreshing easy to open cup of ramen would really soothe the nerves. Oh well, I've never met a sandwich I couldn't make. Then again, I haven't really met many sandwiches and had decent conversations with them either. Anyways, I was at my wits end when I had an idea. Yesterday, while looking for things to make into puppets, I saw a crowbar in the garage. I thought it would help, so I got it out and started prying open the jar of Mayo. And boy was I wrong. It took me about three hours to get the jar open, and by that time the sandwich already had wandered off. Either way, this mayonnaise was NOT going to get the best of me! Well, I kind of wish it had now. When I finally got the lid off, the mayonnaise spilled EVERYWHERE! It was on me, the walls, the floor, the new puppet I was making, everywhere, except the sandwich. When I finally cleaned it all up, I went looking for my sandwich. I found it in a corner, and was just about to eat it when I realized something. I had run out of mayonnaise.


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