Kawaii Chwann
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Kind of overdue, but whatever. Nobody reads this s**t anyway.
Last Summer I went to my dad's house for his wedding.
It was the most awkward I've ever been at that house.
I felt like a stranger. They didn't even invite me to light the candle that unites the
family....Until someone brought it up.
Just found a status I had written on Facebook while I was out there.

This is probably wrong of me to say(Or write, if you want to get technical), but it's been driving me insane. I am so jealous of my two younger sisters. They are being brought up by a mother and a father, who put them before everything else, whereas I grew up with neither.. And being around that house makes it dawn to me more and more, that they are getting love from a father I never felt I had. And I know he loves me, but I don't feel like I belong there, and I feel like I'm just getting in the way of his new family.

Even now, I don't have the guts to say any of this to them, or even enable them to see this status. Am I being selfish?

I haven't really talked to any of them since I left.