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just life.

okay so this is as dramatic as it gets for me. my friend is practicly going out with the guy i use to have a crush on and rite after she had a fight with her lover he had a gf........ that wasn't her. and my friend likes me around so im stuck with her and him..... gah I don't wanna be a third party in there relationship that's just creepy smilies/icon_sad.gif Forever alone...........

That's what it feels like anyways I know I wont be alone forever cause I do have a bf he just isn't here therefore I'm still partialy alone. smilies/icon_sad.gif not fair... why cant he be here with me? grrr Easter is coming up and there is a chance ima get to see my buddy at least I hope I get to see him. If he does come then I can have an excuse to not be with my friend and her new boy. That and I miss my buddy I has no one to talk to scence we never see each other.

I don't know its just something about talking to him i feel more comfortable taking to him about stuff then I do my friend. I wander if there is a reason for that. There probably is I just don't know what it is. Me and him are just friends always have been just friends. my friend doesn't lie my buddy so I have to hang out with him when she isn't around me.

OH and i forgot something this guy that hung out with me fore one day then told me his didn't waant us to hang out any more he texted me yesterday and asked me a question then texted me before i had a chance to reply to him saying he didn't mean to text me. Guys officcaly suck around here. I know not all guys suck but some do! oh well thats my drama day hope it isn't to dramatic for you.

Stupid heart

My crush told me after he got home the first day we started hanging out that his mom said he cant hang out with me any more. I really like him to...... I'm just wishing I hadn't let him kiss me now.

Hiss kiss was dreamy, soft, and gentle. Kissing him was like a dream.......... I guess good things just aren't men't for me to have.................

Only thing i can realy do now is dance. I guess I just feel alone and unwanted but I will get over it. Life goes on! and so do I. Yes I was hurt by this but I cant let it keep me down I'm to smart for that. Guess im just gonna take it one day at a time. and see what happen's.

I got to call the popo for the first time.

Okay so here is the story me and my mom were having are every day to day thing i wake up late she try's to get me up. When this guy knocks on our door my dad was at a bored meeting out of town that day. So here is this guy lets call him Gorge not cause i dislike any one named Gorge or anything its just whats on the top of my head smilies/icon_biggrin.gif.

Okay so Gorge knocks on our door my mom wasnt completely dressed yeat so she got dressed in the mean time i wake up i was hardly awake and my hair was messy and i was in my pajamas...... mom came out when she finished getting dressed which was about the same time that i got up to make my way to the door little did i know that the next hour in a half would be spent getting yelled at by some stranger that had lost his mind. he talked in circles nothing he said made any since my mom was scared but she kept calm.

which was good and i didnt know who to call i just know we needed help after a while we tried to get him to leave and he wouldnt leave so i called a friend and she heard a lil bit of the conversation then i came back inside and she told me to call the cops so i did and the cops took the man away. and he is still in jail thank goodness they are trying to help him so far he has gotten better and worse again. as long as he doesnt come knocking on our door again im fine.

that was a few days ago now im consentraiting on my birthday! yay!!!! om going to have a few friends over and we are going to eat pizza and go out and have fun! smilies/icon_biggrin.gif i didnt get into details about what happened cause that would be telling the story and i don't really want to talk about it. so on that note im of to do hw and plan a sleepover with my friends! have a good day or a good after noon or a goodnight which ever it is to you smilies/icon_smile.gif

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