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ChevelleRose's Randomness Journal
This is a journal of memories and stuff I think is cool. :)
First Text Convo With Bff(this year)
So I was up all night and this morning I went outside into the FREEZING morning air. I ain't kidding, it was cold but I'm a enjoy-er of cold temperatures. Haha almost forgot to say the point of this: I got a text from Charlie and we pretty much talked for a while. She was at her granny's house and her granny was sleeping so she texted me.She didn't want me to fall asleep since she was lonely. Aww...lol So yeah, here is our convo which isn't that interesting and is mostly a reminder for me about what we talked about. Note: Roger is a douche and I can't stand him.

Charlie: Hey duuuuuuude

Me: lol Whats up?

Charlie: I'm lonelyyyy
/: don't go to sleep on me

Me: You're lucky I'm a lover of cold temps otherwise I'd be asleep right now.
Its really cold outside!!

Charlie: Ya I'm cold and under covers
Roger was supposed to call me last night

Me: He probably isn't answering cuz he got pissed drunk and passed out in a alley. j/k
Whats your granny doing?

Charlie: granny is sleeping so phone is on silent
Her house is like an igloo!!!!!!!
I'm eating this microwaved biscuit its gross

Me: lol eww

Charlie: Roger doesn't have a phone and he was supposed to call me
a few days ago
and didn't even use the work phone
Did I tell you about Mr.Larry?

Me: Roger probably isn't answering cuz hes a douche
No why?

Charlie: yeah he is
He died

Me: Oh no smilies/icon_sad.gif

Charlie: yeah he is(roger)
2-3 weeks ago

Me: Hows your granny doing?

Charlie: Fine..she hadn't moved any of his stuff
Pills or his toothbrush

Me: The gray cat I told you about looks super preg today

Charlie: Aww lol
But shes just a baby

Me: Who the gray kitty?(I thought she was confused with pinecone when she said baby)
Shes about 1 1/2 years old.maybe

Charlie: Do some of your cats end up with 6-7 toes?

Me: No XD

Charlie: Roger mom cats did
I saw them at her house they looked like mitten paws cuz there was so many and like they had thumbs or hands

Me: Aww but also weird..
If we give away this gray cat or her kittens do u want one or her?

Charlie: I can't I have Lulu

Me: Aww ok
Lulu looks like my cat pepper but witha tail

Charlie: I gotta go now
I'm gonna take a shower

Me: K bye


Update:Tuesday(next day)/ March 5/ 2:30ish am
I went inside after that then I fell asleep till 2 something am and noticed I had a text from Charlie. It was sent at 6:09pm and said:

Yo I'll come pick u up I'm lonely

Awww poor her..lol I was sleeping from being up all day though so I might go today. And I realized that I forgot to ask if she brought her dog with her. I had wanted to bring Barney so they could play.lol


This is the convo that happened at like 3:22am-ish:

Me: I just woke up lol(this was at 2:30am)

Charlie: Lol Kayla just left(texted me at 3:22am)

Me: What did yall do?

Charlie: (idk what she said I had deleted it to make room for texts).

Me: Haha wow lol
What you doing now?

Charlie: I lost my phone for a minute
Almost gave up
Eating hot Cheetos
Just ate 6 ravioli
and ice water
*sends pick of her bro taking a mirror pick with a peace sign*

Me: Wow he looks like a dork lol
Youre always eating hot cheetos and do you mean 6 pieces or cans? XD
And eating ice too...i miss drinking tea sweet tea
(sometimes she says stuff and I get confused cuz she types so fast)

Charlie: LOL

Me: Did you bring your dog here?

Charlie: Pisces, she is coming later(she said pieces and i was like ?th lol)
And my frog and cat later

Me: I thought lulu with you now
Whos gonna bring them?

Charlie: Roger is

Me: Hopefully he will remember to feed your frog i wanna see it since i love frogs smilies/icon_smile.gif
In 1st grade we had a clear tadpole pet but the teach forgot it at school during spring break and it died. But we still had the caterpillars that turned into butterflies.

Charlie: LOL(said this around early this morning possibly at 10am)

Me: ...How is that funny?

Charlie: I was just saying lol cuz u still had the butterflies

Me: ok then but it was pretty cool watching them grow.

Charlie: Yea
How can I be 20 with 2 trailer loads of shiz

Me: You said 'ya' 3 times lol
And you always collected stuff and then packed it up or whatever.

Charlie: ya I gotta quit
Call me

Now as of 11:22 am we are talking

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