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Moving soon.
Eventually you get tired of all of the bullshit. Ive been in this apartment for the past....8 months i want to say maybe 7. At first it was the best damn place i had found in this town. Well of course you get tired of the same setting over and over and eventually you start to focus on the things around neighbors for instance. Anyway its about time i left anway I have a friend of mine who wants to move in with me and the sooner we do it the better im sure. The last place i saw that was up for rent was an apartment for about 950 a month and i think the utilities were included. Of course i will have to call up the place and make sure of this.
I really want to to leave this place. It gets annoying seeing spiders every day , the toilet decides to clog when nothing is in it other then water itself, and just the plain fact that its a basement apartment that doesnt get much sunlight.
I just...really want to leave here ive been stuck here for almost a year, i have been waiting for my girlfriend to get done with her college but i seriously just cant wait anymore. If i do i fear ill do something drastic and end up messing alot of s**t up.