You know what? I'm really getting tired of this whole online-dating thing and being played with/toyed/used/abused from it.... I don't want any more of it... I don't care what happened, I just want out..... My soul has been tortured too much and I just don't want it anymore..... I hate being hurt, feeling lost, and just all this s**t.... Looking back at every experience I've had with dating online, all the negative outcomes and all the trauma, it all really makes me want to curl up in the corner and cry.

I know I don't deserve this, and yet this is all I've ended up with... I know of guys who are much worse than me who actually end up with someone that loves them for some unknown reason. Why do they get to experience it and I don't? I don't get it........ *sigh*

I know, this all sounds like I'm whining and crying like a baby, but believe me when I say, this felt damn good to write. xD