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Concept Idea, Mercy Orgins
------Long time ago, we found a way to kill the five gods that governed them. Legends say that a mighty emperor used an ancient artifact called the Digital Ocean to strike down the gods, distributing their energy to everything in the planet, including the three elements of biosphere; the lithosphere, hydrosphere and the atmosphere . He changed the world, while creating a new and evolved breed of life, known as Digital Organisms. We humans evolved in a way that we can use a portion of their energy known as Casting by using the energy in the atmosphere known as the Digital Energy. The death of the five gods have not been in vain, as it made us who we are today.

------But not everyone agreed back then. Some animals have evolved into large monstrosities, while some rarely have been affected. But the energy changed the fauna and flora equally. Trees that grow large as skyscrapers are one of the prime examples of his effect. There were also some nations that opposed into the killing of the five gods, and many uneducated people did, as they worshiped them as deities, that which controlled their lives. Civil wars broke into place, and worse wars between nations; this was known as the Dark Era. Humanity itself still trying to learn how to use their powers, drowned itself in bloodshed for at least 500 years. Where they fought against themselves, and mutated animals and monsters that changed. Empires collapsed and grew in a matter of days during that time period. Utter chaos was upon the world, and many secrets lost during that time period, such as the location of the Digital Ocean, and other forms of art.

------There was even one faction of humans, which tried to restore and revive the gods back, by fighting and dying in combat, believing that their energy upon death would go back to the original source. These people were known as the Daemons, and they were ferocious in combat. The Daemons were people known to be the first to use casting in combat, and also the use of domesticating monsters as war beasts. They are often employed by many nations themselves to fight for them, they fought to the death, and their religion spread to those who believed that killing the gods was a mistake. The Daemons were so powerful that they even established an empire themselves once they were large enough, with a Gran Daemon to lead them. Many people thought that they were unstoppable as the carnage they bring in battle was beyond belief. Until the arrival of Anika Mercy, and her Immortal Legion.

------No one knows where Anika Mercy came from, but she unified the world under her banner in her name of Anikacy. With her Immortal Legion, she crushed the Daemons and bought an end to the Dark Era, bringing a new golden age and peace that still exist even today as I speak. Advances in technology with Digital Energy were created because of this peace. A prime example of this would be Core technology, robotics which use Digital Energy, that come in many different shapes, sizes and functions. Also the resurgence of Art also contributed to her peace and her Immortal Reign. As of today Anika Mercy is the only empress to unify the many empires of the Dark Era, the only empress to unify the planet.

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