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The Lionheart Chronicles
Just some rambling from a hermit, scratched on the wall for future people to see.
Winter's Epilogue
Well, after some consideration, I have decided to make a blog/journal on here. I need a place to vent that most of my friends can't see, so this is perfect for me. It's been a slightly crazy, and very insightful near year for me, so it needs to be written about.

The Eternal Lamentation and Winter's Epilogue

I ended up finishing my first album (last year, edits for it beyond spelling errors, this year), and my second album a few months back. Working on my third album very soon. Since I deleted the post about it, I'll fill my Gaian readers about both in a nutshell:

T.E.L. is about my life from Fall 2007 to Summer 2011. It covers me reuniting with my ex, her destroying me, and my eventual realization that I'll never be over it.

W.E. is about six other women who had a role in shaping who I am now spanning from 2009 to 2011. My first album talks about the time span of two, but doesn't talk about them specifically, as well as talks about a woman that led to me writing my album, but she is only focused on in one song before the last.

I am working hard on a third, with no theme this time.

The Apostle in Triumph

Through being up here, by myself in my apartment, day in and day out, I have overcome a lot of the demons/problems plaguing me since my youth. I never thought after losing my ex three times that I could stand on my own two feet, but I have finally got the strength to forge out and get my life back together. I'm especially surprised since I nearly had a mental breakdown in February of 2008. Through my faith in God, and my willpower, and mental strength, I kept myself from losing my mind. It was rough, and after four years, I am ready to move on.

Portrait of Ruin

I have figured out what to do with my life. I am going to school for writing, so that I can improve my technique, get an education, and get connections. My end goal for all of this is to get my comic book/s made. I have most of them, their stories, and their setups fleshed out. The main one is essentially my life as a comic book. All my friends, family, myself, and even some exes smilies/icon_wink.gif (not in a bad light of course), will be characters in this book. I have seven planned, and want to make more if I can! If not comics, my second choice would be to take up keyboard/piano, and form a band to make my albums set to music, instead of being just lyrics.

To Bid You Farewell

Well, I think this wraps up this entry. I have a lot of planning to do in the next coming months, and I will be making more entry's on here, so look for them.

- The Lionheart

Benor the Lionheart
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