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Brief stories cause i'm bored
like it says in the title,its brief stories cause i'm bored.
Every time I go to sleep I see her in a plan white room with no doors or windows.She doesn't move she just smiles at me.I always wonder about her.I don't want to move though, I feel comfortable right here.She looks me in the eyes.Her big blue/green eyes filled with a mix of emotions.Happiness,curiosity,but she has just a little bit of sadness.She seems to be waiting from the way shes sitting.Waiting for what?I try not to look at her but her eyes draw me in.They make me want to talk to her, to hug her and tell we can be friends.But I just sit there,motionless,examining her.I feel if I study her I'll some how find out who she is and why she's always here.She's got long wavy red hair with streaks of gold.Her skin is pale like snow.Her lips,nose and body all seem to be small.Shes wearing white skinny jeans,a white dress shirt,brown sweater with rainbow shoes and scarf.She almost reminds me of myself.I decide instead of just sitting here I should go talk to her.I get up and wipe down my black and gray striped dress that I'm wearing along with black leggings and black boots.She's a little bit surprise by my actions but she still sits there.I walk up to her and extend my hand for her to grab.She looks at it in surprise but she smiles and takes it gladly.She hugs me.
"So you've finally excepted me ,Yourself"She tells me. I'm a little caught off gaurd by that but when I see her smile I don't seem to care anymore.Her smile makes me feel good.I smile back and nod my head.We hold hands and he white room around us seems to dissolve and new colorful world appears.We start to walk together.

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