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My First Entry
Okay, so I'm new at this so let's so how it goes, haha. Well, I had Gaia a couple of years back, but my parents banned all anime-related things from my life and now I'm back so yeah. I might start an FMA or Hetalia fanfic. If I do make a Hetalia one then I might make it character specific because if any of you has seen Hetalia it's just kind of a "fit as many characters as you can in five minutes" and it's pretty hard to keep up so yeah, lol. Since I clearly don't have a "fanbase" I can't really ask for requests, so I'll just go by popular shippings and go from there. So I'm going to just end this entry at that. I don't have a signature yet 'cause I'm not quite sure how to make one, haha. Au revoir mon amis. <3