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Hey guys, I'm Lullaby! Call me Minny if you please. I'm from the group Melody of Beats (M.O.B), I'm the lead singer and I act as the youngest. I'm going to do lists of what I'm like (personality), dislikes, likes, hobbies, and whatever both in real and online. Alright let's start!
My Personality: In Real Life/Online Life

-Competitive in sports
-A Dork
-Sometimes blonde (not the hair... I think you know what I mean)
-VeryExtremely Slow
-Very Childish


-Dancing (but I suck at it)
-Watching Anime
-Talking with Friends
-Video Chatting
-Being who I am
-BB Guns
-Role Playing
-The Color Blue
-Learning Languages
-Confusing People
-Japan and Korea!
-Classical Instruments
-Oppa!!! smilies/icon_heart.gif


-Sometimes Thunder
-Being Alone
-Thinking about Suicide
-Being Aggressive
-Talking with people who don't understand
-Being called a maid (by my bro... grr)
-Being Yelled at
-Being made fun of
-Bullying (use to be bullied)
-Make up (I sometimes wear it...)
-Being hurt
-Trembling out of Fear
-Being in front of a large crowd


-Drawing (not as much anymore)
-Playing piano (Not that much)
-Writing Books
-Video Games (sometimes)
-Talking to Oppa
-Collecting Stuffed Animals
-Fangirling over Kpop
-Spazzing out over Pikachu

What I look like

-Black hair (I'm Asian)
-Brown eyes (big eyes)
-Long Hair (Near to the end of my back)
-Small body (I'm like... 4'11")
-Um... pretty normal...
-Don't wear make up (Face feels heavy)
-My voice... it's alright. I don't specifically like it, but it's normal in my opinion.
-Uh... that's about it.

If you have any questions, you can pm me! I will answer as much as I can as long as it's not personal. So Uh... Yeah so Bye!