Jack and Vivian sat in the limo with the prime minister. For most of the ride Vivian was well behaved and listened to the prime minister, but after a while she started to doze off and stare out the window. She wasnt one to take interest in politics or such even though she was just in the middle of war 4 years ago as was Jack. However, she didn't pay much attention to the prime minister, she listened to everything Jack was saying. Probably out of respect as being his apprentice and their close relationship. She was jerked out if her thoughts when the limo came to a sudden stop, nearly knocking her out of her seat. Vivian looked up at the skylight. Opened the window and hoisted her self up onto the roof with the help of kicking off of jack's knee. She looked out and saw a cyborg. Quickly ducking down through th window and telling the driver to turn around only after a few seconds did he do it with an added 'told you So' from the girl disguised as a boy on the roof of the limo. She held her hand out for jack to pass her sword up. Which he did as she took off her black sweatshirt to reveal the exoskeleton suit underneath. Much similar to he one jack wears. She slid off the roof and onto the ground with perfect balance. Fending off most of the enemies as she could. After a while they started to die down but then one of then got her from behind, cutting off the metal arm that replaced her left arm. The very arm she lost to Vamp at a young age. She growled as it was cut off at the shoulder. The pain blurred her vision, eventually passing out from losing blood. before she passed out she contacted Boris which resulted in patching into him talking to Raiden. "Boris....dont have much time....just..." she couldn't even finish for she blacked out mid sentence. while she was unconscious Boris sent out a team to retrieve her.
(Based off when Raiden was guarding the prime minister in metal gear rising revengence)