My fingers are still warming up from the walk home from
my new job. in addition to my old one. Which I will be trekking through the snow to go to tomorrow.
But new job, yeah. At this indian diner/bar place. The humans there seem friendly enough. I just hope I can figure out the menu within the next two days or so, that way I can stop being like Chicken takki WHAT!?
And as I was walking home I was like, Hey! I don't smell like food at all! AWESOME
No, that was just the cold blocking out my sense of smell, I guess. because my shirt smells very much like indian food.
But anyhow, I'll be working there like three or four days a week. Which will be good, because money, while I hate it, it must be used in this sad sad world.
Also, apparently they don't have "don't scare the old people" rules, because i asked one of the managers "hey, if i walk in here with lavender hair one day...would that be a problem?" and he was all Nah bro, it's cool
Minus the "Bro" part.
which is pretty nifty.
But currently my hair is black/deep purple. so purple it's black, but in the right light, purple. yeah.
My hair is ephemeral!
And hopefully tomorrow I can go to a place and be like Please chop off these locks and pixie cut this junk. And that'd be fun.
Ohhh man. work tomorrow. Global cafe from 9-3. other place from 5-10. GOOD BYE LIFE. it was nice knowing you for two days, after my mini show-break.
Ah well. at least since I'll still be lacking time as I have in the past month, NOW i'll be paid for people to steal my time.
Hands, please warm up. please? I've been home like twenty minutes. come on.
I was so cold that when i washed my hands with cold water, the cold water felt warm.
And the snow, shooooot. some of the sidewalks are cleared off, and others are NOT. so it's like playing hopscotch into other people's footsteps, but still getting snow in my boots, it was a nice effort, but really, i was doomed from the start.
I'm thinking about lying down and sleeping, but I still feel too cold to sleep. Does that make sense? now my body is all alert and like OKAY LIFE, bring it. i'm ready.
and my mind is like Why am I still awake?
I don't know, mind, I don't know.
ahhh.. it's only friday. wow.
I will have to study for tests at some point this weekend. but I don't think that "some point" will be tomorrow, considering how busy I will be.
I should really do laundry...
I got quarters and everything, it's just a matter of throwing it in the washing machine. ummmm...thinking about it.
Maybe i'll nap for awhile, then do it. that sounds reasonable.
haha. I have goosebumps. awesome.
Warm dryer clothes sound ideal. that'd be swell. but oh, it'd take like two hours to achieve that dream. i am impatient, as always.
Okay. I'm going to lie down under blankets. and browse the internet, and see if my body feels like being tired.
Good plan.