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Real nightmare
Many could tell the horrors of a bad dream,
And this tale, like one of those might seem.

All began one midnight fair, within my chamber,
my weary mind digressed as my candle grew fainter.

"Why?" methought, "why can't that burning amber never fade?"
Foolish it might seem, yet it'd be great if it could ever be made.
Just think of it for a moment, a never ending flame in a never ending candle;
It'd be like every mortal's dream, have eternal life, more than anybody can handle.

With this last thing in mind, I fell heavily asleep, yet only to see horror,
a huge accident was in front of me, and the red stains caused a grave terror.
My steps lured my closer to the broken carriage, as shivers went down my spine;
blood here and there, and dreadful was to see a hand next to something I couldn't define.

Unaware, I realized there were a few inches between me and the dead body.
The messy hair, the shape of the head, no, it all seemed too eerie...
I turned around the corpse, and my tormented mind couldn't bear that image,
the massacred body was non other than my dearest mother.
Awful it was, yet worse to see next to it was laying another.
My sister, her face covered in blood, and her limbs mutilated,
In fear, I awoke suddenly, afraid of the terrible things my mind created.

Yet the real horror was when I realized it was no illusion,
for they were both, indeed, dead, that was the real notion...

On bed I laid my head, my voice was soft so only I could hear...
"If only... you both were still here..."