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Journal of Shitposting
For the academia of trolling and shitposting, doing parodies of other idiots and the fact that ironic shitposting is still shitposting.
rare but serious /jp/'s perspective on waifuism
I like hearing cute stories of shy anons in love with a character, but it's rare to find any.

Like when people do things, like those Valentine's day things, except not for attention on the internet. Anything cute in general. I've noticed that people with real waifus are actually usually reserved about it because even though they love the character, they feel that maybe people will think something is wrong with them and what they're doing is wrong.
I was in this year's valentines day thing and I quite regret posting it. I only really enjoyed seeing her with a happy face with presents I had gave her. Hopefully I can atone for it on her birthday.

by romantic/cute stories do you mean just romantic things someone does with her or actually full length stories?
I don't think I could post about either one but I just things they do is nicer to hear about
I understand your apprehension, this isn't really the place to talk about it. But I like hearing about it, and there's really no other way for me to find people like you than through here. There are so many people that ruin it for everyone and just aren't genuine. But I know there are good people out there, and I like hearing what they have to say.

You might want to check out some of the more serious waifu threads on /a/.

I took a look a year ago and all they did was argue and whine. If people think /jp/ is bad, they should have seen the weekend drawthreads. Granted that was a year ago, but things looked like they could only have gotten worse. I just want to hear some sweet romantic stories, not people whoring a character out for attention.
I usually keep anything we do to myself unless someone specifically wants to know what I've been up to with her, but even then I won't go too far into details unless its someone I know really well. One reason I'm reserved about it isn't because I care what people think about me, but rather what they do with that information. One person I used to talk to asked me about her frequently but eventually I found out it was only to satisfy his perversions so I stopped talking about it with anybody.
>One person I used to talk to asked me about her frequently but eventually I found out it was only to satisfy his perversions
Oh my, that is lewd. But don't worry, that's not what I'm after, I just like hearing about it. I'm just a sucker for romantic stuff. One day I will immortalize your love in verse.

>waifu thread still up
I'm quoting your mom while she rides my d**k.
and I thought /jp/ hated waifus.

There are no serious waifu threads on /a/, they are all just a facade.

That's unfortunate because finding sweet romantic stories are hard to come by, because well, they resemble blogs which are highly discouraged there. I hate the weekend drawthreads, because they are nothing but requests and shitposting and the other circlejerking waifu threads has suddenly became a hub for sharing works of writing for their own benefit not considering the feelings of their own waifu.

I kinda regretted sharing mine as well. I don't want my pictures to be associated with people who aren't really serious with their waifu and just s**t up the whole waifu community with shitty joke pictures. The whole event was just a laughing stock. I think I am going to spend more time with my waifu when another event comes up, I am not associating myself with these shitposters.

The one in pink colour is me.

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