Day 24, Snow Day

I wake up early, like I do everyday, just to get ready to waste another day at school. Christmas Vacation is only about a week away and no one can wait. I look out my window, its still dark out but I can see it. There's snow on the ground! And I don't mean a the usual small amount we get every once in a while around here, I mean real snow. There's at least a foot already and its still coming down hard. I heard something about this on the radio yesterday. A large amount of snow was supposed to fall overnight but you can never trust that, it usually melts before morning. But not today, it stayed cold enough to stick. Quickly I turn on the radio to listen for the best announcement a kid could hope for. Then I hear it, and obviously so do my brothers because the cheer rings through the house. Its a snow day! We're lucky to get one once a year and we have finally got it! Quickly I cuddle back up in my blankets, its a day to sleep in.
A few hours later I open my eyes again, but still there isn't much light in my room. I look out the window confused. Its still snowing, and its snowing hard. There's got to be a foot and a half to two feet on the ground. It is awesome, never have I seen so much snow! Our car is totally buried and I can't make out anything amongst the white lumps other than what is obvious. I soon get dressed and head to the kitchen for breakfast, by now I'm starving and the thought of going out in that snow is exciting. I eat one of the fastest breakfasts I have ever had and head for the closet for my snow gear. My brothers have already geared up and headed out and I am way behind. Soon we are all out playing in the snow, even snowball fights which I hate but will participate in.
The fun is short lived as the cold takes its toll. I head back inside and remove my soaking clothes before heading to the kitchen for some hot tea. Though I love to play in the snow, I hate the cold and how it makes my hands feel. My time in the snow may be done but not my snow day. I still have relaxation to do. The tv calls my name and I head for the front room to enjoy some much needed television. There may be nothing on but the brain numbing entertainment is great. I flip over to the news to take a look as to how long this snow is supposed to last. The report comes on and I am shocked to see that the snow isn't expected to stop until tomorrow night. By the looks of it, we may not even have to go to school all week. And so began the greatest Christmas Vacation/Snow Day Week ever.