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Roleplays and Adventures
Here are some of the writing pieces that I've done in the past and some continuing as we speak. Enjoy reading it, for these are important to my heart.
[TB] Chapter 1.4 - A Hard to Swallow Dinner
Melody: *She slowly opened her eyes, seeing herself facing him. She blushed majorly, not knowing what to do. She felt too weak to move, so she just laid there.*

Link: *Opening his eyes about the same time, seeing her there made him blush but he tried to hide it* W-what...happened? Did Zelda and Shunsui...are they okay...?

Melody: *She shrugged slightly, looking at him* I don't know... I was unconscious...

Link: My wounds... did you do this? *He sat up*

Melody: *She looked over at his chest area, giving a small nod.*

Link: That...guy was really tough. And I could have sworn the one Shunsui was taking care of was Ghirahim... but why?

Melody: I'm not sure... *She said softly* He... protected me when you were attacked too

Link: *Looked down* I was too weak... I'm glad he was there. *He held his hands up* Navi, are you okay?

Navi: *She crawled out of his hat* Crushed... but okay.

Melody: *She shyly took his hand, looking at him.* You weren't weak... you were really brave... thank you..

Link: *Blushed a bright red, nodding and smiling* W-we should...get out of bed. Can you move?

Melody: I feel too weak... healing drains energy...

Link: Green potion? *He said, worried what to do*

Melody: I'm... fine. *She laid there, looking away*

Link: *Still worried he got out of bed* W-what should I do Navi? *Sat on a chair and stared at Melody* It's all my fault...

Melody: It's not your fault... please... I'm fine

Link: *sigh* I'll stay with you until your able to get up. If you need anything just let me know.

Melody: *She blushed faintly* Link.... you don't need to

Link: It's the least I should do, and besides, I don't even know where Zelda or your friend are.

Melody: *She nodded, slowly trying to sit up but struggled.*


Zelda: *She giggled.* Shunsui, you're entertaining, Though we should go back.

Shunsui: Oh, alright. They should be awake...*He got up from the bench* Such pretty flowers you have here... I should grow some of my own.

Zelda: You're free to come back here. You saved me from Ghirahim.

Shunsui: *Places a hand on his hat as he walked with her back inside* His spiritual power was unstable to me, I presume he's strong from what you've told me so he must be hiding in layers. If that wasn't him trying, I'm going to have to worry here...

*The two headed out of the courtyard together.*


Link: *Turned to see who was behind him, his face lit up once he did* You guys!

Zelda: *She smiled warmly.* I see you're alright. I'm thankful..

Link: Yes, but Melody... *He looked back at her in her condition, still stressed out*

Melody: Link... I'm... fine.. *She said weakly*

Zelda: *She sat on the edge of the bed*

Link: Zelda can you do anything for her?

Zelda: Maybe some tea will help... But I can't do much.

Shunsui: *They all stare at Shunsui*....I have sake?

Link: *Staring at him not impressed*

Shunsui: Tough crowd. *Smiling, he turned to look at Melody* So healing does this much damage to you?

Melody: *She nodded slowly.* ...it's worth it... he's not hurt anymore

Link: *Smiles weakly, holding her hand*

Melody: *She blushed, looking away.*

Zelda: I'll make sure you two get rewarded tonight. Thank you both for today. *She smiled*

Link: You don't have to Zelda...

Shunsui: There's going to be wine right?

Link: *Throws a pillow at his head* Seriously your horrible!

Shunsui: Ah ha ha...

Melody: He's like this..

Zelda: *She looked over to him as she smiled.* For you, there will be.

Shunsui: We shouldn't treeshroud the girl, let's prepare the feast. By that time I guarntee her complete recovery. *He leaves the room, excited holding his hat as he quickly turned the wrong way down the hall*

Zelda: Keep her company Link.. *She got up* Shunsui You're going the wrong way! *She went after him*

Link: *Smiles* Right. If you can't form enough energy to walk to the dining hall I'll bring the food on a tray myself! *All determined, nearly falling off his chair*

Melody: O-Oh... It's fine... I... don't eat much... *She said shyly.*

Link: Everyone will be there, so maybe I should carry you to your chair instead, even if it's just to discuss something with everyone, it might be important.

Melody: I'll... be okay.. really. *She looked over shyly*

Link: Hmm...*He was wondering what to do* Navi? What do you think?

Navi: Just give her time. You've already grown attached to her. Just enjoy her company for now. *She flied into his hat*

Link: Got it! So, what's your relationship with Shunsui? You don't look like the type to be around a guy like that, he's pretty out there.

Melody: *She shook her head.* He's just a friend... He's saved me from Nightshade...

Link: He seems very strong from what I can tell.

Melody: He is.. *She sighed, looking away*

Link: Huh? What's wrong, Melody? *He tilted his head, concern in his voice* Your not feeling sick again are you?

Melody: No... *She said, sorrow filling her eyes. She closed them, trying to get the memories out of her head*

Link: I hope not...

Melody: *She looked over slightly* Please... don't worry about me...

Link: Hm...*He stayed quiet, looking down feeling helpless*

Melody: *She held his hand slightly.*... thank you..

Link: *Looked up in a bit of shock, but smiled*


Melody: *In the dining hall, She sat there in silence, staring into space. She felt out of place sitting here at a castle banquet.*

Zelda: *She smiled towards the two* I want to thank you both again.

Link: Not a problem, I mean, I wasn't much help. Shunsui saved the day...

Shunsui: Oh don't think of it like that, now... It makes these things one sided. Now don't forget your bravery, it has a part in this too.

Melody: *She looked over at him, nodding slightly*... you protected me... *She said quietly and shyly*

Link: I know I did... I just wish I could show that Nightshade who's boss. He can't get what he wants all the time.

Shunsui: Who know's what this is all truly about. *He poured a glass of wine, with a finger lifting his hat out of his eyes*

Melody: *She looked away, knowing the answer to his question. Her heart ached with the sorrow that she felt, only being reminded of the one day*

Zelda: You know villains... they feed on hate

Link: *Rips a piece of bread and sips his bottle of milk* Do you think he's after Melody? What has she done to him? I won't forgive him if he tried to hurt her again.

Melody: *She glanced at him slightly, wanting to answer him, but she couldn't. She didn't want to worry anymore people.*

Zelda: I'm not sure... What was he saying?

Link: I don't remember... do you, Shunsui?

Shunsui: All... I remember to be honest, is the first time we met he said something about her owing him a debt.

Link: She's run into him before she met you than. *Turns to Melody concerned, knowing very well that she was hiding something*

Melody: *She looked away from him, staring at the ground. She didn't say a word. Her butterfly flew over to some flowers that were in the room as decoration, enjoying them.*

Link: *Looked at his plate in silence*

Zelda: Perhaps you all should stay here for a few days until things settle down...

Shunsui: If we stayed here any longer I'm afraid I'd grow grey hairs. *He chuckled, taking a sip of his wine as he looked at Zelda smiling* But since we don't have any clue how to get to Grandilia, it's best to gather info.

Zelda: Grandilia...? *She blinked* I've... never heard of that.

Shunsui: That's strange. *Places a hand on his hat as he chewed on his food, eyes closed* I heard it's rather large to be unheard of.

Melody: ( Returning to Melody's Memories ) *After a moment, she slowly stood up, walking away from the table and heading out of the dining room. Her heart couldn't handle anymore. She walked until she reached the one room Zelda placed them, closing the door and sighing.*... why me.... I can't... put them through this much trouble.... *She walked over to the window, looking out as she watched the sunset occur. Sorrow was deep in her eyes as she stared out, seeing the faint reflection of herself in the window.*

Link: Melody? She can walk... but why did she leave?

Shunsui: Something I might have said?

Zelda: *She frowned*... I guess the story between her and that man is much more serious than we expected.

Shunsui: *Places the wine glass down, not touching it any further as he layed back on his chair with his arms hidden in his robes* Link perhaps you should go and check on her, I would but I think she'd prefer you.

Link: *Looks down as he pushed himself away from the table* Alright...


Melody: *She stared out of the window, unsure what to do, what to say. She heard hte knock on the door. She froze for a moment.*....what is it... *She said quietly*

Link: It's...uh, me. It's Link. Do you want to talk about what happened? Are you feeling alright?

Melody: *She looked over at the door, quietly going over to it and opening it. She looked at him*

Link: *Looked back at her waiting for her to say something*

Melody: *She stared at him, not knowing what to say.*

Link: *Uncomfortable, wanting to leave but knew she needed him* Look...maybe if you explain to everyone you'll feel better...

Melody: *She shook her head slowly, looking up at him with sorrowful eyes*

Link: How am I suppose to respond to those eyes if you won't tell me...*He put his hands at his waist and just stood there puzzled* Something is troubling you.. I know that much.

Melody: *She looked away, not knowing what to say*... I'm sorry

Link: Just get some rest then, okay?

Melody: *She shook her head slowly, falling quiet*

Link: *still concerned, he hesitated before heading back* Goodnight...

Melody: *She looked at him*.... wait...

Link: *Surprised, he slowly stopped to turn around* Is...there something else?

Melody: ...come in here... *She said quietly*

Link: *His face turned serious as he nodded and followed inside*

End of Chapter 1.4
Chapter 1.5

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