- Valkyries are people who travel between the planes of existence either naturally, or artificially. To travel between planes naturally, the individual has to die in the current plane they are in. Then, they are rebirth into a different plane, without the memories of their old lives. Some people learn how to travel between planes without dying. Not everyone is a Valkyrie, as people die they don't necessarily become Valkyries and travel. Individuals who traverse in the great expanse of the Planes of Existence are known as Valkyries

Jenni Karsa

- Jenni's home plane is the Digital Plane where she sparked a revolution against Anika Mercy, the ruler of the plane. Other planes she lived on was the Etheria Plane, where she jealousy controlled her feelings which lead to her death in battle with Ayane Kuro. She is one of the few who currently are traveling together to the other planes along with Linzy Greene, Tarion Amadeus, James Samara, and Miles to save the Planes of Existence from the Greater Evil.

Alicia Dray

- Alicia, comes from the Commando Plane, where she wields the Ragnarok. She also lived in the Digital Plane, where she was pirate that helped Jenni Karsa in her revolution. Currently she is hopping planes in search for Anika Mercy who took the Ragnarok from her.

Linzy Greene

- Linzy comes from the Gray Plane, which is also the center plane that holds the other planes in place. Currently she is traveling betweeen planes along with Jenni, Tarion, James, and Miles. She is the driving force that brought the the group of Valkyries together to stop the Greater Evil. She also holds a list of who is a registered Valkyrie and who isn't

James Samara

- James comes from the Gray Plane, where then he was transported to the Amadeus Plane due to a conflict, where he meets Tarion, a regent in that plane, and befriends him. He is then reunited with Linzy, his secret love interest and travels currently with her, Tarion, Jenni, and Miles.

Tarion Amadeus

- Tarion holds his home plane as his name. He was a regent in the Amadeus plane, where he befriends James after helping him save his nation from other nations. He soon leaves and joins Linzy with her quest in the interest of his people.

Anika Mercy

- Anika comes from the Digital Plane, where she ruled for several centuries due to the Mercy Spirit that resides in her, but eventually lost due to Jenni Karsa's revolt. She was then transported to an alternate Digital Plane by the Digital Ocean, where she learns to controls the Mercy Spirit, the force that gave her all her powers in the Digital Plane, But also resulted in her death but was saved by the gods that existed in that plane. She obtains the title of a Goddess, and transcends the power of the Mercy Spirit. She then jumps into search for other spirits of power such as the Ragnarok Spirit, in other Planes of Existence. Currently she is Spirit Hunting.

Jael Strauss

- Jael's home plane is unknown, he rarely speaks of it, but he left it because he was bored. His powers of artifice comes from his home plane, being able to summon portals in between. He created his own plane once, where he created many inhabitants. He fell in love with Braids, one of his creations. He left Braids and that plane due to heartbreak and is now jumping between planes as a wanderer.

Miles "Man of a thousand names"

- Miles comes from a far plane where the government destroyed the environment. He worked as an agent spying on other nations where he housed many names, such as Kenn, Vega, Tarion, Edith and so much more. No one knows his name, his current name Miles, isn't even his own. He left that plane soon after the plane was destroyed by its own people, he is then searching for his own Identity. Not after being picked up by Linzy Greene.

Rita Skyies

- Her home plane, suffered through constant war between nations, which kick started her life as a Valkyrie at a young age. She lived in multitudes of planes, living many lives. Currently she is in a great sleep inside Anika Mercy's right eye as one of her Six Forms of Mercy.

Ayane Kuro

- Ayane home plane is the Etheria plane where she helped save the world's destruction through civil war and its ancient power. She also lived in the Commando Plane where she wielded the Infernal Wish, and constantly fought Alicia Dray and her Ragnarok. She currently lives in the Etheria Plane helping the restoration of her home plane.

Nikira Vash

- Nikira is the first Valkyrie, not much is known about her home plane. As the first Valkyrie, she has lived many lives and seen many things. She also was a chairwoman once in the Etheria Plane. Along with Ayane Kuro, she help end the civil war the plane was in She is one of the few who can remember their past life due to her power. Knowing about the Greater Evil she has set fourth to fight it believing that she could destroy it. No one knows of her current location.

Planes of Existence:

Major Planes

Digital Plane

- The Digital Plane is a large plane with four major continents, under the nation of Anikacy. Before Anika Mercy's unification there were over fifty six warring countries in the plane. After Jenni Karsa's revolution the empire of Anikacy was split into four countries based on regions under the banner of the Interdependent Nations of the Ocean. This plane was struck by a Comet before the unification which changed the whole evolution of flora and fauna, and the way technology developed.

Etheria Plane

- The Etheria Plane is a small plane with three major continents. Like the Digital plane, the whole plane was under the governance of a unified military group called The Black Hand, which was lead by a council of eight and a chairman. The plane's core is what is known as a Magicore, a rare metal that can only be found in the plane of Etheria. Because of the metal's nature it allowed for strange technologies that can only be found in Etheria. The metal also led to a great civil war within the Black Hand due to the powers it yeilds. A civil war that Ayane Kuro help end.

Commando Plane

- The Commando plane is a small plane with one large continent. The continent holds a mountain that goes beyond the atmosphere, which also provides water on the rest of the continent. The whole continent is a large city except the mountain, is encased in many layers, levels and districts. The plane is also home to many of the Planes of Existence's spirits, as spirits in the Commando plane take form of man made objects. The government of this city takes form of a corrupt democratic republic, because of this there are many gangs and mafia and poverty within the streets.

Gray Plane

- The Gray Plane is the strangest Plane of Existence but it is also the center plane that holds many gateways to other planes. This plane is called the Gray Plane due to its sky being gray, providing light and darkness at the same time. The plane itself is composed of three layers. The first layer is a barren waste land with one large highway that circles itself. It is always raining in this layer, but water never seem to accumulate on the ground. There are also several buildings along the highway that acts as gateways to other planes of existence. When a plane is created, a building emerges from the ground, similarly when a plane is destroyed a building collapses. The second layer is a large desert with the sky still being gray. Ion storms occur in the sky often, sometimes Ion fog occurs. There is also one spot where there is permanent Ion storm. Some Inhabitants of the Gray Plane live in this layer. The final layer of this plane is a large garden where most of the inhabitants live. There are small villages and cities around the large ocean like ponds and trees that cover can sometimes cover the gray sky.

Minor Planes

Alternate Digital Plane
Amadeus Plane
Jael's Artificial Plane
Rita's Home Plane
Mile's Home Plane