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Journal of Shitposting
For the academia of trolling and shitposting, doing parodies of other idiots and the fact that ironic shitposting is still shitposting.
NB: Alright, this is written in a perspective of a normalfag and it is not to be taken seriously, only if you are normalfag should you take this seriously.
Non-normies, get the ******** out. It is a parody. It will melt your autism away.

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An example of what happens when someone stumbles in /pc/

It\'s seems like a funeral according to one of these faggots who commented on the blog.
And it definitely looks like one.

What intrigues me is why do these people fall in love with an anime character. I am for loving fictional characters and making them their love of their life (just like people LOVE to dedicate themselves to Edward Cullen). No joke.

But there are millions of worthy fictional characters to marry, but I guess the only one doing such things in exaggeration are the anime people. Seriously, have you ever see their collages? As much as Twilightfags or 50 shades of grey offering it up to their husbandos, they can't beat the double combination of these plentiful amounts of shrines dedicated to these anime characters.

You don't know whether it is a joke or a seasonal favourite character, that's something else of the matter. But there is this autism that is contagious amongst the people of /a/. It's like some new religion perhaps slightly just less worse than the brony autism but still worse off.

It is like a nightmare. It's just, how do people fall in love with such anime characters!? I don't know man, I have seen so much worse, I would rather date a real living flesh that would love to cheat on me several times to the point I like seeing her getting ******** by a n****r. I dig that cuckolding yes.

I mean these guys don't have a facebook. THEY. DON'T. HAVE. FACEBOOK. These are dangerous sociopaths that should be sent to the mental institution so they can LOVE real people. This is the s**t why people go back to 9fag, Gaia (which is here if you are NOT a moron lols) and Reddit instead of browsing 4chan, because they are SICK in their head and man I ain't explaining it more.

I mean these guys are able to afford one expensive meal with their potential beloved partner. I think they should get the ******** out of their basement and score a hot chick and ******** them. See zyzz? He lifts and ******** chicks like he's BREATHING OXYGEN. I think these shy guys have to see it to themselves.

Better off yet, is how these people treat this Valentines event like they want to compete for the best collage when truly they don't love their anime character as a real person. They should have just used this superficial love and waste it on a REAL WOMAN. ******** me, I couldn't have said it. Just look at this for example. Even a gaiafag knows love more than any of these 4chan faggots. Unbelievable if you ask me.

What I am saying is that these people are out of their minds, being delusional. They should become normal people in a normal society, not being mentally illed niggers who is living on social welfare to feed on their unhealthy habits.

And for the ones who are joking and ******** up the valentines collage while driving the serious idiots away, I salute you!

This is an advice from a normal citizen who browse Gaia Online everyday and is still shocked by the content I have seen on 4chan. Please I know you children could do better.

Le peace out and do it with lels.


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