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Little Things Em Wrote.
I woke up early on that first day. The first day of my undercover assignment for the CIA, I was undercover as a teenage psychiatric patient. I was to get information for the CIA, they needed to close down this place, and I knew why. I mean, who would possibly put these horrid garbs on these kids? I snuck out of my room hoping not to wake up the drooling Grayson and twitching Chris. I hobbled to the lunch room passing few of my ward mates; few were talking to the walls, others talking to themselves. I dragged my robe closer to my thin body and I searched around the rec area, hoping to find some evidence of cigarettes or anything of the like. Nothing, I walked past George who suddenly shoved me up against the wall and started mumbling to me, calling me Harrison, and then his face twisted into a happy-go-lucky look and he hobbled off chirping to the walls. I sighed, shook my head then walked to the Dining Hall. Oh I wonder what wonderful grub Chief has cooked us up today! I slinked past Chief in a manner which was taught to me at the academy and I opened up the cabinets, fridge, and drawers. I was hoping to find at least some hint of alcohol, but I ended up with nothing, not even a whiff. I sighed and I stumbled out of the kitchen just as Chief turns and I gulp moving out of his way before he sees me. He’s known to use his taser gun among the students, and I really don’t want to get tasered. I mean who wanted to get tasered? I held up my tray a little shakily and Chief slopped some green goop onto it and I swallowed the bile threatening to come up. I walked to a random table plopping down and forced myself to eat the goop and I threw my tray away halfway though and I walked out as the rest of the ward was waking up. I rubbed my bottom lip absently and shuffled over to Alex, the sanest person here and I started to talk to him murmuring about drugs as he nods eagerly pointing to the distribution room. I nodded seriously and walked over looking around pulling out my lock-pick kit and started working on the locked door. I didn’t notice Chief sneaking up on me until he tasered me from behind and I spasms underneath the high voltage and the last thing I saw was Chief looming over me. I shuddered waking up strapped to my bed and struggled to move. Chief walked in and I yelled, “Get me out of here! The CIA will found out about this! They’ll get me out of here and arrest you!” He chuckled and leaned over me. “Son, you’re not a spy in the CIA, you have a disorder you belong here, along with the others.”

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