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London's Journal
Ohgod. It's just some s**t again.
its okaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa yyyaaaa
Jeez. I don't get why you think I'm mad at you when I say how I feel. I say it because I'm serious. I'm not mad at you.
It's like I want to say ad talk about that stuff because I want you to realize that when I say stuff like that it's my preference and not meant to be like me saying "I HATE U GO DIE"
I don't want anyone to die in plain thought. u nu.
It's silly though. People get offended or whatever because people don't agree with them. Or something. I don't know. <------ I should stop saying that.
Yeah, well it's alright. And you don't have to say things just because you think they will suffice me. I'm not an idiot.

Yeah, so all my teachers at my new school do think that I'm stupid. Either that or I just think everyone else is smarter than they are. Sometimes I think that I think too much because other people don't seem like they do. Then I'm like 'oh wait' xDDDD. I don't want to bee DUMMM.

I should really stop calling myself Stupid, because I know I'm not. Out of all seriousness though. It's just dumb to lie about yourself because you think you don't deserve it.

Anyways anyways anYYYEYEYEYWAYS, I'm watching The Phantom of The Opera.

SHUT UP. IT'S a good musical. Bl;;;;;

Well, I was looking back and sometimes I forget that I'm not supposed to be talking to you in this. xDDDD;;.

I've noticed that slowly my audience has changed from random to only you and now it's just a way for me to talk to you and not about myself. Bl;;;. Well, I bet you were the only one that read it. But still. It's funnayyy.

I'm gonna go to bed soon.

I'm happy that you're happy and excited about the convention and stuff. I wish I could go. ; u;lllll. PFFFFfFFFFF.

Well, have fun and be safe. I'm serious. BE SAFE. I'm yo mommy. Be extra careful and be safe.

Yeah but about Homestuck they all like the pairing of DaveJohn or whatever. I already knew that. I still haven't read that much but I really dislike it.

But yeah, I saw the stamp thing on DA. I laughed. xD. I agreed with i but people either take things the wrong way or to extremes. It bugs me.

Gay sex is like any other sex, so it's just the same as someone fetishzising (whatever you call it) over any other porn or whatever. It's stupid. Of course there's people like that, and here's nothing wrong with people liking sex but there is something wrong when just because someone has sex people obsess over it and say it can only be one gender. smilies/icon_wink.gif

OH MY GOD. But yeaaaahh. Fangurls are weird.

I like cute things smilies/icon_wink.gif)))))smilies/icon_wink.gif)))))smilies/icon_wink.gif)))))

Pffffffttttt. Well I'm going to watch the rest of this movie now.

Cute. Pfffffffffffffffff.

Talk to you later.

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