I hate you. I hope you know that, you lying, traitorous piece of s**t.
You said you would love me. You told me you would never lie. Whenever I asked you about if you had any relationships, you lied to me through your ******** teeth.
I should have known...you...you're a liar. I loved you, I loved you with my full heart, I would do anything for you. And what do you do? You hide the secret that you're with someone else. You don't tell me, your supposed "BEST FRIEND", anything about her! You're probably not even a virgin anymore. You're probably just some ******** jerk liar like all the rest...
You....Lied to me.
I believed in you. I had hopes that you would remain a gentleman, in the hopes that even if I had a glimpse of peace in my life, that you would be it, but NO! You...had to ruin that by not telling me.
I hate you.
Not even a kismesiship hate.
Just a pure, murderous hatred....
Now I understand why I drew those pictures, the pictures of my own hands beheading you and strangling you. Because my subconscious told me that I would want to do so. There was a doubt in my mind...and....I was right.
Everyone was right.
You're a pretentious douchebag.
....You're a manwhore....a horny, womanizing man whore, just like all the rest.

I thought you were different....
But I was wrong.