Title: Styles

The steampunk styled girl turned to the man in an outfit very similar to that of a butler's. She stared at him, causing a blush to form on his slightly darkened skin.

"...Can I take a picture?"


Title: Misunderstandings

She was working on her inventions, once again. Soon, she took a break, wiping her forehead.

"Why's this gotta be so..."
The brown haired fellow beside her listened. When she didn't finish the sentence, he reached for his coffee and asked, "So what?" then took a sip.
"Why's this gotta be so...so..." she paused.


He did a spittake. He looked at him with round, innocent copper eyes filled with confusion.

"D..don't say that again."
Title: Arm Wrestling

She noticed how everyone seemed to enjoy arm wrestling- mainly guys. When she saw their silver haired leader beat the punk after a tough battle, she challenged him. She was left handed, of course, so she held out the appropriate arm.
"Ready?" She nods.

1, 2, 3!


That was the last time anyone dared to hold her left hand.
Title: Tears

She never cried. She didn't.
But this time, she did.

He stared at her awkwardly, his raven hair dulled due to his worry.

"What...what's wrong?" he asked in between her sobs.

She looked up at him, tears in her eyes.


"Your...?" She sniffled yet again after he said that.

"...my...my goggles are missing..."
Title: And She Said It Wouldn't Be Much

They wandered the department store, searching for things to eat and drink. She had eaten all her sandwiches already, so it was time to restock.

"Oooh! This dress is so cute! Let's get it!"

The silver haired fellow sighed. "We're only here for food, reme-"

It was too late.

She had already bought the entire clothing department.

"What was that?" she questioned.

Hello! It's me, Mizo. Been a while since I made a journal. :U
As you can see, I kiiinda decided to give the short story thing a try.
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