Since my last journal update.

I haven't really talked to Jill very much, lately.
I think I texted her for a few moments the other day.

My RMD account died. While I myself am particularly upset about that fact, my main contact with Jill has been lost. And hers with me. I don't think she was particularly thrilled about it, either.

I've been thinking about her. Less and less, bit by bit.
I'm less troubled by myself than I used to be.

I think my "love" (Or whatever it's called) for Jill might not ever disappear. It hasn't disappeared. Not yet. I'm just building over it. It will always be there. Just covered up and forgotten. Because I sometimes think about Jill. And I miss her. But it goes away after a while.

When I first started typing this update on my journal, I was missing her.
In some ways. I'm tired of her. Really tired of her. Being away from her for so long is a bit nice. After all, I do need space. I think things would have been different if she had showed me a bit of the care and affection that I always wished she would have. But since she didn't, things turned out like this.

I wrote some stupid stuff and deleted it. Better off without it, anyway. G'ah.
P.S. ApparentlyJillstillthinksaboutmeyay.