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It's been a while.
Oh hey look I remembered my gaia info. It's been what, two years? Wow. Well, I guess I'll come back. Partially because journal feature and partially because I want to see if zOMG runs on my netbook. That and the avatars are cute. Hmm, what to talk about...

Oh, it's valentine's day. Lol. What a crap day. A few days ago the person I love told me that there's no chance between the two of us ever again, and the other person I at least care for a lot is having tons of emotional trauma and I can't help him. Fuuuuuuudgetastic. Life's been crazy as all hell lately. I'm back in Canada but I took a trip to Michigan, and then to Texas. And I fudged up everything I had in both places. Fml. I'm not going to get too detailed on that right now but... I wish I could have a night where I don't cry myself to sleep. That would be nice.

Maybe if my legs were healed and I could work things wouldn't be so bad...

That's all for now folks.

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