I hold him, looking down at his head. He has blood in his hair, but when I run my hand through it, it seems to be less than I had thought. He's not injured badly, which is what I'm thankful for. Suddenly, more lockers come from our right. I get up, holding Ferus' hand again. I lost my gun in the car, but I wouldn't be able to use it now anyway. Leon looks at us,"Sherry, stay with Aron and Ferus and get away from here!"
The four men grab their guns as the hoard comes out of no where. The three of us run, going toward the car. At the car, we take a left and try to get away from there, but not so far that we can't see what's going on. As we run, I hear something behind us. Turning my head, a licker has managed to get through and is a few feet behind us. Stopping, it prepairs to shoot its tongue. I throw Sherry and Ferus to he ground in time for it to come shooting at me. Once I push them down, it hits my right leg. I fall to the ground, yelling in pain. I hit the ground hard, propping myself up with my right arm. Sherry grabs a knife, starting to cut at the tongue. The monster retracts it before she can finish cutting it, so the tongue rips out of my leg. I grab my leg, yelling in pain. I turn to lay on my back, to prevent me from laying on my left arm. I hear gunshots close and feel two small hands, one on my chest, the other on my left shoulder. I keep my eyes closed, breathing heavily now. It'll be a miracle if I can ever walk again. Ferus,"Daddy, it's going to be ok."
The gunshots continue, andi force myself to open my eyes. I nod and force a small smile,"You think I'm going to go down that easily?"
He smiles weakly. The gun fire stops and Sherry runs to me. She examines my leg,"All I can do is slow the bleeding. When the BSAA get here, they'll have the instruments to help you."
I nod and she nods back, taking off her jacket and wrapping it around my leg. She then puts pressure on it. I try not to wince, even though some escape me, to help with Ferus. The scars and bruises on his face can't hide the fear of losing me. He's lost one parent today, and I won't let him lose two.