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ChevelleRose's Randomness Journal
This is a journal of memories and stuff I think is cool. :)
Why Do I Do This To Myself?
For some strange reason I'll read a good story and (love how its written or whatever,get a favorite character, or I like how the writer wrote it in general)somewhere along the way something like, lets say a fave character, DIES or something else as tragic as that.

Same thing with movies,not all, but some do the same thing.

I hate how I get so attached to a fictional character and then something happens to them. Not all the time as I mentioned before.

I also have gotten into the habit of looking for fan art or fanfics for whatever I read or watched. I don't want to give any spoilers away for anything but I'll say that what I watched is part of a trilogy/series.

I'm NOT talking about Harry Potter. I know what happens(thanks Charlie)during and after Book 6. So I haven't read the last two or seen the last movies.

Like I was saying: I find all these really good fanfics and fan art/comics and some are so great and make you happy ya know? Then some have these twists in them or just plain have sad endings.

Yet I read them.

I must be a masochist if I keep reading till the end.

Either that or my curiosity is worse than I thought. ^^;

So yeah...now I'm all sad but I'm reading a story right now(involving my recent obsession)and its pretty good.I'll have to get to work finishing that entry with the list of good fanfics.

If I can one day stop being a lazy a** with writing my story; I will write the heck out of it and make people cry. I feel like I'll get some enjoyment from that because of all the sad stories I read.

Note: Hopefully I'm not a sadist for saying that now... 0_o

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