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CYS part 24
After few months from having a vacation in Southtown, they stayed in their house, having nothing to do. Then Chris remembered Shermie's birthday is today, and called Yashiro to talk about it outside the house.
Chris: Hey! Do you remember Shermie's birthday is today?
Yashiro: Yeah, why?
Chris: What do you mean with "why"?!
Yashiro: As you see. She's not in the mood to party today.
Chris: ...But we can change her mood.
Yashiro: Then go ahead! Try if you think you can do it.
Chris walked inside the house and went to the bedroom, where Shermie is busy on her computer. Chris waved to her when he opened the door.
Chris: Hey!
Shermie: Hi. Do you want something?
Chris: Nope, I was wondering...
Shermie: About what?
Chris: It's your Birt-... Valentine's day is coming soon.
Shermie: Oh, you mean tomorrow.
Chris: Y-yes, and... why not have fun today?
Shermie: I'm busy right now. Let's talk about it later, okay?
Chris: ....Okay.
Chris turned and got out of the room, and didn't knew Yashiro was right in front of him.
Chris: How did you come here that fast?!
Yashiro: I was sneaking behind the door. What do you think? Did it work?
Chris: No... she said she's busy.
Yashiro: With what?
Chris shrugged, giving no answer to Yashiro, then he grabbed Chris out of the house, and took a walk, planning for a party in the house without letting Shermie know. In their way, they met someone they remember, Benimaru Nikaido.
Benimaru: Hey guys. How's Shermie?
Yashiro looked at Benimaru and silently smickered, then whispered to Chris.
Yashiro: Do you know what I'm thinkin' about?
Chris: No, what is it?
Yashiro: Watch and you'll understand. Hey, Beni! Since you have nothing to do but walk around the street, why not take Shermie with you?
Benimaru: In a sudden? Hey, you're giving me a bad feeling.
Yashiro: Not at all! She's bored today. Think about it.
Benimaru: I'll try my luck with her.
The three walked back to the house, and Chris went to the bedroom and informed Shermie that someone is waiting for her outside. When Shermie opened the door, she found Benimaru winking at her, then she took a deep breath.
Benimaru: Hey cutie, want to have fresh air? I see that your friend Yashiro is having a walk with that kid.
Shermie: Sure~!
Benimaru thought to himself that he'll have a great chance chance that he might go with Shermie on Valentine's, and took a walk. Meanwhile, Yashiro and Chris planned for a small party inside the house, but didn't know what kind of present she wanted, and thought of buying a new hamster. At night, Shermie wanted to get home, but Benimaru quickly distracted her.
Benimaru: H-hey wait! Why not have a-...
Shermie: We'll continue talking tomorrow, bye~!
Benimaru's smile faded and felt like he crushed his own heart, and walk to the other direction while Shermie entered inside the house. Shermie opened the door and found all the light are off, when she turned on the lights, and got surprised hearing a Happy Birthday from familiar voices. Shermie gasped and crossed her fingers together.
Shermie: I had no idea you still remember my birthday!
Yashiro walked towards Shermie, at smiled at her closing one eye.
Yashiro: Do you think we'll forget about you?
Chris: Yeah! And we didn't forget about your birthday at all!
Shermie was so speechless and only smiled

To be continued

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