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I made this poem/rap two years ago:

Life, today is only getting weirder, tearer, double mirror, so you can't see the right character

or the real one, in today's world really should matter, handling everything is nothing, the weighted talk is sadder.

Character is the person, not the fame, which is repeatedly mention in this so call game, but there's a catch you only got one life, no respawn so your soul takes flight.

Or plunge into the underworld, not the have a nice day no, but in this underworld havoc is every where and your wondering how I got here.

See this is where character truly applies, only thing separating the true from all these nice lye's, nice lies every word has two meaning, double thinking, double phases, two words double meaning.

Today some girls only care about fiending, money is there objective, seeing they only care about their own future, you wake up everyday and feel newer, think to yourself that you be cooler, learning from the past and that what makes you stronger, caring about the present would make our the future,

So the truth is, this is, one of the definition, of what my character generally is.