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Did you fall from heaven? Cause I have an erection~
Brennan's stories of cute animals dying
And before you guys say anything about him shooting chickens, he's a hunter and does this for food. ********.

Turtle: He gave it away and it was eaten by a bigger turtle

Puppy: He took it for a walk and it got ripped open by a bigger dog(apparently, it's insides were showing and everything.)

Other puppy: Chewed through and electrical cord and had seizures every day until they had to put him down

Duck: He shot it and it drown

Wild Chicken: It was sitting in a tree and he shot it and it fell out of the tree into a ravine with ice in it. The chicken smashed through the ice and it bled to death.

Hamster: She had 8 babies and eventually ended up eating all of them.

Whiskey Jack: He shot it and it blew up.

Wild chicken: He shot it and it flew straight in the air and when they went looking for it they couldn't find it.

Wild Chicken: He shot it nine times and eventually caught up to it and rung it's neck.

I don't know why Brennan had to tell me these stories, but he did. He's over right now, omg you guys. Anyway, I may or may not update this. Brennan might remember more stories later. We're not sure.

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