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ChevelleRose's Randomness Journal
This is a journal of memories and stuff I think is cool. :)
Me and Having Stuff In Common With M
I feel like I have alot in common with this youtube person:

We also talk quite a bit on there when I need her advice on something or we just talk about whatever video I just seen of hers. And we tell stories of that experience or whatever. Shes just nice to talk to. And I think she's awesome because she dyes her hair bright red sometimes. And red hair is always so awesome..lol

This is the whole reason why I wrote this entry today:
I was just thinking today how I haven't watched her latest videos in a bit so I got on here to see she had atleast 20 I haven't seen. *sighs* I'm so lazy with keeping up with videos...lol

But anyways it got me to thinking that we sorta had alot in common and thats why I like watching her videos. The only things we don't have in common would have to be the video game playing(hardcore),dying hair bright colors,WOW,Skrim,and card collecting(I used to but not anymore).

I mean I enjoy those things but not as much as her. I love video games but mostly the Mario franchise and racing games. Oh and Spyro which was my 2nd fave as a kid till I discovered Need For Speed. I <3 those so much!

As for WOW I think its pretty cool but I also don't need something else to obsess over. My best friend and her brother play that game alot but I try to stay clear of it. She got me into liking so many things like manga,gaia,rock music(not that so much I cuz would've liked it eventually).

I used to collect tons of different types of cards but I stopped after a while. Especially when they quit making the brand of cards I was collecting. That annoyed the heck out of me.

Note: I recommend that you subscribe to Munchie because she is a nice person to talk to and her videos are blog videos(?) and tutorial videos.

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