a daughter of gaia, a daughter of our earth, she fell in love with a mortal man, it is a crime, to even think of it is taboo, it is law she must be with those of her kind, but she was drawn to him as he was her,she was a goddess and he was man, their love was taboo, one day they tried to meet in secret,but one can never do such a thing,gaia sees all, she found them together and caused great destruction, she then turned it at the man , her daughter would not have it and protected him with her life, only a god or goddess can kill there kind, and the man in distraught, over her actions and her death, grabbed his blade and killed himself, gaia in shock and disbelief over what she caused, took there souls and granted them eternal reincarnation, to be born again and again to always look for each other for all eternity

But Gaia gave them something special each a demon to tame the young goddess tamed hers, for the man she had always searched for, it was a show that she loved him and conquer anything to be with him,but he refused to conquer his and in the end showed that he never loved her, that he wanted to use her , for she was a goddess, her mother was right, the man never loved her 'humans are cruel beasts she thought ' i gave up so much for him and he gave up nothing in return, how could i be so foolish, so much pain and he gave up nothing. gaia heard her words of sorrow but did nothing to ease her pain for she did this to herself and it is hers to live with forever alone to go thru this cycle again and again forever knowing pain

someone on gaia wrote this i find it kinda goes with the story a lil bit
Love is pain, no really think about it. You give up anything to be with that one person you love them so much it hurts to be apart. You give they take you cry they fix you hurt them and you fix it. The only way we humans know how to love is to be in pain, we are truly masochistic, and we love it.