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Dream Journal
Exploring my dreams, one night at a time.
Feb. 12, 2013
I was with my brother and we were chasing after a red car for some reason. As we chased it, it turned to the right. My brother stopped, but I kept going. He seemed somewhat encouraged to continue as he saw me still trying to chase after the red car, but I eventually stopped as I was tired.

We ended up entering a fast food restaurant. I felt sweaty. Someone I used to work with from McDonald's was there. She was someone I liked, but I had never told her how I felt. When I saw her, I told her, "Hey." She looked a bit disappointed and began to wonder where I had gone.

I didn't say, but instead looked at her brown eyes and still thought she was pretty. She somehow knew where I had gone and told me of some other places like it. I thought, "Huh", as I hadn't known. I woke up.

I briefly remember seeing a man with a boy. Let's just say what happened was inappropriate. Then I woke up.

Resonare Praeteriti and I were outside. She saw something off in the distance and asked what it was. It was a blue object, like a gasoline tank or public garbage or something. Then Resonare and I went up to some golf cart and she asked how we'd turn it on because she wanted to ride in it.

We ended up going inside a building and Resonare went upstairs. I followed her and as I was going to, some person with a creepy face followed me from behind. I went up as quickly as possible to avoid being followed. When I was upstairs, Resonare was standing in the center and was smiling at me.

She waited for someone to get out of the bathroom and when she went in after the person got out, she came out and was laughing. She told me something about the toilet, so I followed her to see it for myself. In the toilet was a lot of dung. So I reached out with my left foot and pushed down on the lever to flush the toilet. I woke up.

I was watching some characters from a fictional universe trying to take on Mother Brain, who stood at a distance from them. When they began to approach her, she gazed upon them and a beam like one from a flashlight shined on them. It had a rainbow color.

The beam would then become actual energy and hit all the characters, killing them immediately on spot. They would respawn, but because of the distance, Mother Brain had the advantage. She did this again and again, but as she kept doing this, the characters would respawn closer.

Eventually, the characters got up to Mother Brain, but as they did, Mother Brain used a jet pack and flew above them, firing the beam downward at them like a beam from Independence Day. I heard someone say, "No fair!" I thought maybe Mother Brain received a bit of damage when they got close.

I walked up to Mother Brain on the left side to avoid getting hit and said something, which I don't remember. Then I woke up.

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Community Member

Tue Feb 12, 2013 @ 09:14pm

Did the man violate the boy in some way?

Community Member

Tue Feb 12, 2013 @ 09:16pm


User Comments: [2]
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