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megu-chan's brainstorms
Nobody can improve without practice. Writing is an important, but at times difficult skill that can always improve. As a struggling writer, I decided to hold off on trying a public blog open for critisism. So, I decided to practice my writing on gaia
For years and years, I thought I wanted to write plain fiction. I wanted to become a talented writer such as Toni Morrison. At times, I wrote short stories I felt compelled to edit and publish. However, after taking some courses in College, I found myself writing with so much passion on something I had no interest in the past: non-fiction. "How uncreative is that!" But, no. I found myself immerse in research on subjects I questioned and dwelled on. I found myself able to write pages and pages on issues that roused powerful emotions. If I had more time, I would have researched more on the statistics, the history, the controversies, and personal accounts revolving around controversial and ethical issues. This was the kind of book I wanted to write. But, as a student who had BS'd her way to College, I realized how ignorant I was. That is why I decided to hold off on posting anything for the critical public. I have to start from research. Any critism and advice is appreciated, but please keep in mind that I am aware of my own ignorance and is in the slow process of gaining knowledge of the issues I want to write on. Also, I am aware of my awful grammar, and this journal is simply for writing on my thoughts and brainstorms for potential ideas.

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    commentCommented on: Mon Feb 25, 2013 @ 12:46pm
    I actually find it very impressive that you have an interest in writing non-fiction. It is far from uncreative, oh I'd like to beg to differ! Not so recently, I found myself attracted to read more non-fiction than fiction, although I am only interested in specifically behavioural economics. It is a relatively new area and the books were discussing about the discoveries the authors made on the topic, which I think is only possible to happen if one is creative!

    So yeah, I have every respect for you for wanting to write non-fiction and for making Gaia a place to improve your writing. I can only write (mostly unfinished) fiction and short articles on my thoughts because I am unwilling and lazy to slave myself to study prior to writing smilies/icon_sweatdrop.gif

    All the best with your writing quest!

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