It's cute how some people think I actually care, when in reality I've been playing them the whole time.
Whether we've been doing it for years or for the shortest of seconds, I was playing you.
Some people can be so ******** ignorant that it hurts me to know that there are people like them living on the same planet as me.
Internet s**t is not to be taken seriously, hun.
It's stupid, messy and extremely gay
And apparently, some people have the same level of stupidity.

Now, you might think I'm a heartless b***h, but no.
Think of this as me trying to teach you how to face harsh realities, by building you up and breaking you down.

Now just a word to all the people who think I was serious in whatever stupid internet relationship crap we ever had: ******** off.
I don't care.
And that means whatever s**t you're pulling to get me jealous or caring, won't work.
You've been played, hun.
So please, just please, go away and stop being that emo little b***h that everyone is annoyed of.
Thank you. c: