Herkel's Bio - Short,Informative version

Name: Herkel Viscer
Alignment: Chaotic Good (No, You did not misread)
Height: About 6'4
Race: Used to be a human, currently the cursed creature ((Think of Resident Evil bosses)) He can communicate and he's stable though.
Age: Immortal, ageless in the land time doesn't exists
Forms: Can transform into an ugly monster, if got hit by a dark magic at the bleeding eye. In this form, he can't control himself
Personality: Loyal, friendly, talkative, romantic, tricky but gentle and also devoted (You did not misread this, too)
Relationships: Has a hopeless crush on Princess Garnedea

Herkel's Bio - Descriptive version

Imagine, would you ? My dear reader .... Imagine a tall, slender gentleman , dressed in deep midnight blue , sitting on a gravestone , stargazing at the midnight sky deep black , smiling in the emptiness....
In the land where it has been midnight for at least 500 years. Everything seemed to became frozen. The trees never bares fruits. Dewdrops still haning in their leaves. Flowers never bloom. Everything here never dies nor it could be born. No winds blow and no bird sings.
It seem like someone has stolen time form this place

But the creature here still alive. Sadly, they all have twisted anatomies. The spider on the tress with a cyclop eyes and legs made of scorpion tails. Bathing in the radioactive waste. The strange bushes that bares a fruit of human hearts. The naked ghouls , tattered clothes with the spine of the gutter pipe, claw and fangs made of shreded metals and pieces of glasses , groaning and moaning in pain. Ready and willing to make the normal living became deformed , like them.
In such this land of pain, he, that strange gentleman , is the sanest being in this little cursed wonderland.

He turned to you , my dear reader , saying.

"Oh! A real life human!"

"Really !?!"

"A real life human came to visit my informative data !?!"

"This must be my lucky day!"

"Oh well hello, My name is Herkel, Herkel Viscer. I've forgotten my age for so long. And Yes, you may wonder why am I in such this horrible , horrible land. But trust me , this land used to be the sacred land. Until the guy named Iale destroyed it and turned it into an immortal hell.

Core Cordis is the name of this town, this land was hidden and only if you combine the four elemental plate. You can enter it. This town is where the living lives will be judged. Every living souls will be symbolizes as a flower. These flowers are protected by princess Garnedea. They borns and dies , with our princess the world is in balance. Life and death occurs in the real world and imagination world because of her and the royal garden.
Yes , I used to be the holy guardian here. I used to be one of the top tiers soldier , living with the princess Garnedea I have the duty to guard her."

"Until there was the deadly murderer named Iale who found the secret pathway to this land. He was real powerful that he turned half of our land into this hellish dumpsters. You see those ghouls out there. They all have the twisted anatomies. They all used to be the sacred guardians until Iale turned them into monsters.
Once with the living got turned.They were unable to control their mind, they can't communicate nor love. Random normal-life objects , or perhaps body parts of the other living creature , got transplanted in that cursed living. Not only the looks , their souls turned dark, too...The worst part is they can't die. They started attacking the unturned soldiers.
And so Every cursed soldier were chased off the royal garden , and off the sacred ground to this rotten land..."

Herkel paused for a long while, his voice shaking ...

"Grieve ...
I'm one of his victim"

"That's why I got kicked off from the town, too .You may wondering 'what's the matter with my other eye, why is it bleeding?' Actually , I'm getting used to this. It always bleed like that.
I got turned into the cursed creature. Because I tried to protect the princess when Iale tries to kill her. So that's when he turned my eyes ... into this ugly thing..."

He took off his eye pad, His eyes were covered in teeth, a slim, red snake-like tongue emerges from the center , hissing. It looks something like this ((Eww..))

"Geez, girls sure hates that" he shrugged

"But hey, you know I'm glad that you're still with me. In this parts most people just walked away. Tell you this... believe it or no, I'm not like the other ghouls. I can think, talk and perhaps love I believe ... at least in the most parts , I'm still a human being"

"My body condition" he stopped "Is in the stable stage. I can control just about everything like I used to. I still fight for the holy, serve the princess even I got banished from the sacred ground. But if I got hit by a dark magic , in the eye. I could turn into a horrible cursed creature. I've been told that ,

that evil creature inside me was the effect of the curse, I can't control my mind if I got turned. It will be activated if I got hit by the dark magic in the eye. Unfortunately , I don't remember a thing , I can't remember anything during that chaotic monsterous stage. All I know is I stayed in that form for a while. How long ? I don't know. I don't have time to count. But after all, in this stable stage, current stage. At this moment I'm talking to you I'm quite confident to tell you that I'm a friendly , stable creature. Of corse unless you ... you know that!"

"But the saddest thing is... you know. I've met a few livings who entered this land , it's a shame to know that they come here because the world is losing its balance, coming to an end. I usually am the one who escort them to the princess. When the world is in balance once again , they always left. I can't get out of this land. Every creature that got cursed by Iale cannot do so. The only way to escape from this hell is to kill lale and the curse will be broken. I'm sick and tired of wearing the eyepad. Sick and tired to be called 'ghoul' eugh!"

"Oh yeah, don't ever call me that! I hate to be called ghouls, zombies, infected ... etc. And also, I'm not a magician. Iale is."

"Wow! You listened to be all way long. Thanks for that, man! Also it's nice meeting you. Feel free to talk to me, I'm dying to have a living creature talk to me! Really, I'm oh-so lonely in such this cursed place! Having some company is like having the taste of heaven"

"See you around" Herkel smiled. Waving his hand to you, my dear reader. And walked back to his local place, gravestone.

Battledome Information

If being hit by a dark magic , in the bleeding eye, he will transform into something like this


Stable Form:
Uses a sword, holy element (Even though he doesn't look like one...) , light/healing magic
But the holy magic was twisted because he was cursed , for example. Sometimes his healing can injure the ones that got healed... The effect pretty much depends on his mood.
Doesn't get attacked be zombies, skeletons, undeads, ghouls ,etc .... (He's already one of em')
Weakness: Herkel was swifter than an average soldier. That's his pro, but he has a low defense. It means that if you have a high accuracy and hit him, that would do. Also if he was with his friends and you want to rid his friends, turn him into a chaotic form, he would kill just about everything

RP stat
Strength: 8/10
Defence: 5/10
Stealth: 2/10
Intelligence: 9/10
Magic: 8/10

Chaotic Form (If got hit by a dark magic, in a bleeding eye)
It can't think nor speak , nor love. It's a smashing , chaotic creature that will tear everything apart, even it's their own kind. This creature can see, it's determind, it will chase the victim until they're in the dead end , and finish it off.
They can't use magic, only physical attacks.

RP stat
Strength: 10/10
Defence: 10/10
Speed: 5/10
Stealth: 8/10
Intelligence: 8/10
Magic: 0/10

Weakness: It's not a good idea to fight this creature. Even if they're slow. They're not brainless. This creature will transform back to Herkel for a period of time, but if you want to speed it up, embraces/kiss/glomp them passionately .Why? Herkel is a sentimental, warm-hearted romantic guy. If you want this thing to turn back into Herkel , you must enlight his romantic and hearty side to conquer the beast inside him.
I know that's nasty, if you want to rid it in this form, use fire. And/or magic , fire magic is perfect! Once it was beaten , it will turn back to Herkel