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hello and have a good day
Erionda's solo
π”ˆ ο½’ Ρ— Οƒ Ξ· Δ‘ Δ…XX
XX β†’XXXβ™‘XX β„­β„“Ξ±ΠΈ β„­hσιcΡ” 𝔖σℓσ XXXXXXXXXXXXX β€’XXXXβ€’ XXXXβ€’

The Keinling tiptoed through the tall grass, pausing to sniff the air now and then. The myriad of late spring scents combined into a sweet aroma, a delicious succulence that made him smile, made him want to run, to jump, to laugh out loud. Shaking his head slowly, he focused again. He could smell her close at hand. Her scent was warm, invigorating, like clothes dried in the sunshine.

Erionda caught the swaying grass off to her left as she pretended not to notice Uassae's proximity. The nearly fourteen year-old girl sighed and tried to concentrate on her books and scrolls. 'Six more weeks, Rio. You can do it! Concentrate!' It was a very real concern to her, passing her final exams. If she did well on these, she'd graduate on time and in decent class rankings---both of which had been in question not so long ago.

Flicking her thick pink hair over her shoulder as she leaned in closer to her books, Erionda frowned in concentration as she absently fingered the smooth heirloom her mother had given her. An object that had been crafted by her ancestors and hung attached to her belt buckle. An heirloom perfectly scaled to a true dragon soul, the one clan name had been written on the back: Aiskala. It had been given to her by her mother. Which had once belonged to her father. Well, that was how she understood the passage of the item, as Ytuaya had told her.

Funny how lives change. Erionda sighed and closed the book with a loud snap. Rolling her slender shoulders to alleviate the tension below her neck, Erionda sighed and let her head fall back, absently noting how nice the warm sun felt on her skin. With an exaggerated gasp of surprise as a blurry ball of giggling fuzz landed in her lap, Erionda hugged Uassae. "I'm getting better, huh?" he demanded through feelings and images across their bond. His eyes bright, proud of his own ability to stalk his prey: in this case, her.

"Absolutely," she agreed, giving Uassae another quick cuddle before the Keinling hopped out of her arms and curled up beside her. His head propped up at the movement not far off. Sending images of Erionda's guardian to his bond's mind.

Turning her head towards Ytauya's direction, Rio's eyes widened. The Dovaa maid was carrying a plate out to her. Setting it down beside Rio, Ytauya shifted into a sitting position. "Your Drakein's three weeks old now isn't he?" She paused to wait for a nod from Erionda. "And with your birthday's matching, well, have you given any thought towards your clan? I -"

"Yes." Erionda smiled briefly. "I'm following my mothers direction."

Ytauya sighed, her dark grey eyes focused on Rio. "I had hoped you would at least-"

"I have." Rio interrupted, Uassae gave a snort simultaneously matching the timing of her words. Shifting his head into Erionda's lap, staring up at Ytauya. The maid flushed, Erionda had become easier to read now that Uassae projected the stronger emotions. "I still want my parent's clan. Aquon said it was a good choice."

"Of course he did." Ytauya mummbled. "Then I guess it's best to take you to see the Elder. I warn you Erionda, he keeps his dwelling rather cold."

Erionda shrugged. Temeratures like cold were easy to ignore, so they didn't effect her as much as others thought. In turn had eased her mind from the subject to start with. "You were hoping I would have joined your clan. Or you brother's clan." Turning to her books Erionda swiftly began to gather up her study items. "I appreciate your desire. But I need some thing that will alow me to keep my mother and father close. It's what they wanted after all. Their death wont change my path."

Uassae gave a short whine. Erionda returned his expression with a pat on his head. Hunger had carried across their bond. "I need to feed Uassae, then I'll be ready to go with you to see the Elder. We've put this off long enough. I wish it could have been done on my birthday." Gracefully nodding to Ytauya, Erionda began the stroll up to the large home. Uassae walked smoothly beside her, his wings tucked close while his tail trailed along the ground.

Erionda was swift in preparation. She had eagerly awaited the day she would be able to join the Aiskala clan. Fingering the small heirloom on her belt. Her lavender eyes watched the Keinling eat. The moments the Keinling finished eating the pair found Ytauya, following her brisk pace towards the Celestial castle.

The maid had glanced curiously back when the young Keinling had insisted on following. Quickly resigning to the face Erionda and Uassae were tightly bonded. Neither liked to leave the other behind.

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