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By blaykmagyk

A rose by any other name
Is still sweet
But one covered from snow
Would be sure to chill feet

One would think of such cold
As a thing that would kill
But this rose stays alive
It has a strong will

Even alone
This magnificent plant survives
Happy and joyous
That it is alive

And though many pass it
And not notice it's beauty
But none could shine brighter
No matter how puny

True Friendship
By Blacksuit93

Friendship are always very kind,
True friendship it is always make us cheerful.
True friendship give us right direction,
True friendship always shine like moon.

That makes we thought friendship is so rare to find,
We hate to see each other in a bind.
We have made each other laugh so hard we've cried,
We feel each other's pain if we are hurt inside.

We always can find the right words to say,
To help us get through any dreadful day.
We have told our darkest secrets, with feeling no shame,
We will tell each other the truth even if we are to blame.

Thinking of you not being here makes me feel so sad,
We will have to look back on our crazy memories to make us glad.
The Miles between us can't keep us apart,
Because we will keep each other close at heart.

By ChartreuseRose

As the ground is frozen under a blanket of white
I lament the loneliness of my fate:
The winter - colder and crueler than the night.
To spring it shall not open it’s gate.

I, however, will face it’s glare
And dismiss it’s death-grip on all,
For I will bloom even under it’s stare
And make someone happy when around they stroll.