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I did it. I told Claire how I feel about her.
She told me she was in love with me too!!!!
I have a girlfriend smilies/icon_heart.gif

I'll post our chatlog for anyone interested.
(I'm SD and she's VD.)

[06:54] SD: oh wow..
[06:54] SD: Okay so
[06:54] SD: Dinner
[06:54] SD: but I
[06:54] SD: I
[06:54] SD: I'ma say something before i go
[06:54] SD: you can reply while I'm gone or whatever
[06:54] SD: okay?
[06:55] VD: ok
[06:55] SD: okay uhm
[06:55] SD: i'
[06:55] SD: think i might
[06:55] SD: be
[06:55] SD: flushed for you
[06:55] VD: are
[06:55] VD: are you 100 sersious right now
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[07:09] VD: ah
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[07:09] VD: okay i
[07:09] VD: my mother made me socialize
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[07:29] SD: yes i was kind of being serious...
[07:29] VD: kind of?
[07:29] SD: okay okay i'ma explain to you something i didn't explain to skippy or aiden
[07:30] VD: ok
[07:30] SD: the whole reason i went out with them in the first place is because i was starting to develop feelings for you and
[07:30] SD: i felt like a failure as a moirail
[07:30] SD: and
[07:30] SD: i thought that if i was in a relationship i could forget about you because i knew nothing would ever happen
[07:31] SD: but as i kept seeing aiden i realized how serious he was and i felt bad because i was only really dating him to try and forget about you
[07:32] VD: Hannah...
[07:32] SD: I'm sorry.
[07:32] SD: It was really stupid, I know.
[07:33] VD: No, it's not stupid. At all.
[07:33] SD: But I should have just not said anything...
[07:33] VD: No. I'm really glad you did. Because at least one of us could.
[07:33] SD: What?
[07:34] VD: I feel flushed for you too Hannah.
[07:34] SD: I
[07:34] SD: I don't know how to respond
[07:34] SD: do i just
[07:35] VD: <3 Will be fine.
[07:36] SD: <3
[07:37] VD: So are we gonna be.. matesprits now?
[07:37] SD: If that's okay, with you,
[07:38] VD: Of course it's okay with me. <3
[07:38] SD: I wanted to tell you on Valentine's Day but it was making me really nervous and I kind of just had to say it
[07:38] VD: That would have been pretty damn romantic.
[07:39] SD: I know, and then the stuff with your dad happened and I thought maybe I could just tell you when I went to see you but people
[07:39] VD: Yeah, I understand. I'm glad you said something. Very glad.
[07:40] SD: I was just
[07:40] SD: it didn't feel right not telling you
[07:40] SD: but on the other hand'
[07:40] SD: I was scared and I didn't want to ruin our moirailigence
[07:41] VD: The only thing that's gonna change is cuddles and kisses ya know. And unlimited access to my pepsi stash.
[07:41] SD: I won't be a greedy pepsi-stealing b***h.
[07:42] SD: Does
[07:42] SD: does this mean
[07:42] SD: otp cosplay
[07:42] VD: yES
[07:42] VD: yES IT DOES
[07:43] SD: How do I describe feeling in chest
[07:43] SD: i don't know
[07:43] VD: I don't either. It's
[07:44] VD: I wish there was a way to type the undescribable noises coming from me right now
[07:45] SD: I know
[07:45] SD: I'm trying to do french homework but
[07:45] SD: i don't see that happening
[07:45] VD: You have a good excuse
[07:45] VD: Hannah
[07:45] SD: I knoe
[07:45] SD: *know
[07:46] SD: yes..?
[07:46] VD: This is what we will be doing
[07:46] VD: http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m9n8ldp1N21qfdtseo1_250.gif
[07:46] SD: oh mY GOD
[07:46] VD: yes
[07:46] VD: it is perfect
[07:47] SD: Plus okay can we just take a moment to think about
[07:47] SD: I mean'
[07:47] SD: I didn't know your sexuality and you always kinda acted like you I mean ugh it's so hard trying to tell your feelings so idfogfddugihigrigigigdfdgfi
[07:47] VD: I am
[07:47] VD: very
[07:47] VD: secretive
[07:48] VD: about everything
[07:48] VD: in existance
[07:48] SD: Yeah
[07:48] SD: I've kind of
[07:48] SD: learned that
[07:48] VD: yeah
[07:50] SD: so uhm
[07:50] SD: how's life
[07:50] VD: Pretty damn good now. What about you?
[07:51] SD: Same
[07:53] VD: You know what else this means?
[07:53] SD: What?
[07:53] VD: Late night PewDiePie montages with Pepsi, popcorn a huge blanket and cuddles.
[07:54] SD: Is it bad that I just squealed
[07:54] VD: Nope
[07:54] VD: It's really cute when you squeal
[07:54] VD: <3
[07:55] SD: o///o