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High school student chattered to themselves when a sudden familiar presence appears. They stopped and stare a the most beautiful girl in the entire school. The boys immediately fell in love, and girls turn green with envy. Viola walked through the halls tossing her hair and in almost like a slow motion as every guy began to ogle at her from head to toe. She stopped by the window, and turned to her audience. She noticed a good percentage were males, and a few were girls that were glaring at their boyfriends for starring at Viola. It wasn't her fault she was attractive, or was it? The truth is that Viola was a succubus!

Gateway High was in very much trouble now that a succubus enrolled herself in. She giggled at the all soon to be broken couples as she walked away heading towards her class, *The fools. If they only knew they were dealing with a high end succubus,* She chuckled under her breath as she continued to let her sexy succubus hormones lose. *Come get me boys~ smilies/icon_heart.gif * She thought as she entered her class taking a seat at the back so she could have a good view of her choices of delectable males.

There was one thing that made Viola different from other succubus. Viola only drained the males energy as much as she needed. She does not kill them like so many of her kin do. It was such a waste, and frankly they needed the human males to mate to have more children. It was just hard to understand them why? I mean she understood if the man was evil, but if he was a good male that can continued to give them energy why kill him? It made no sense at all.

Now why a high school? Well, the answer was quite simple. It was because of the young males who carry plenty of stamina, and the perfect males to choose a mate. Succubus clearly weren't interested in older males. They'd probably die in the middle of things, so Viola signed herself into this school to find the perfect someone for her, but would that perfect someone she's been searching be at Gateway High? She wondered to herself as the eyes of hundreds of male students be fell on her.

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