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Press Start
Just random stuff about [strike]video games[/strike] stuff. ~_^
Also looking for a new Minecraft server
I've been looking for a new Minecraft server for a while, even longer than my futile search for a new MMORPG. And don't give me crap about how what I want doesn't exist. IT DOES! cat_smilies/icon_scream.gif The server I'm looking for must meet ALL of these requirements and I refuse to compromise on a single one.

-Absolutely NO factions!
-Plugins: LWC, Dynmap, McMMO, players/mobs enabled for Rei's Minimap
-No special crap for donors
-Economy like this with a store to buy and a store to sell. No special shops for staff and donors.
-Server must allow all ages and also allow non-PG talk as well. They can't be all ages and flip their s**t over non-PG things like the Cupcakes fanfic (Ponycraft) or allow non-PG things but disallow immaturity and whatnot (Brohoof).
-No hardcore mode. Just survival. Multiworlds with a creative one is allowed.
-No jail/Hunger Games/towny servers.
-No strictly RP servers. RP should be allowed but it shouldn't be the only thing we can do.
-Server should be Nintendo, furry, brony, or Homestuck themed and allow discussion of the other things. (For example, if the server is brony-themed then it should allow discussion of Nintendo, furries, and Homestuck.)
-For Nintendo/brony/Homestuck themed servers, players should be allowed to use "canon" nicknames without getting bitched at (unlike Ponycraft). As long as it's not an offensive nickname like "NazisRule", "FurriesSuck", anti-brony/Nintendo, it should be allowed.
-Titles would be great to have and should be easy to get. (The one I've been playing on for a few years never gave me some unique title while the staff gave them to whoever they wanted instead. cat_smilies/icon_stressed.gif)
-The server must be active. About 10 players at the least but no more than 60.
-No whitelist
-No restrictions if you don't join their site/forum
-PVP should be allowed only in designated areas
-No Hamachi
-Uses the current release, NOT snapshots

Yeah, yeah. I know I'm extremely picky and stuff, but I know what I want and what I like. I want only the best for me. Now I know you're probably wondering why I don't make my own server since I could make it fit all of these. I've tried it before and it was too hard to config plugins to get it to work how I wanted it. Nobody would help me with it. When I did get them working somewhat ok (but not 100% like I wanted) and told my gf and one of my friends to come play on it, they were being jackasses about it and wouldn't play on it at all! cat_smilies/icon_scream.gif Gf couldn't connect at all because she's a derpwagon when it comes to everything and friend kept giving me BS excuses and standing me up every time I invite him for something (but he'd have no problems butting into other games when I DON'T want other people in). emotion_smilies/icon_facepalm.gif So that's why I'm looking for a server that other people have instead of doing one myself.

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Super 9-Volt
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