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Janelle's Journalie Journal
IDK HOW DAFUQ YOU GOT TO THIS. BUT SINCE YOU HAVE.... A ROUND OF APPLAUSE. There's a bunch of weird s**t in here so... be aware.
OC: Tomoko

Bio: (In the works)

Tomoko was born in a decent family. Her family discovered she was a genius at a young age. She went into schooling and excelled in everything. She skipped multiple levels and sped through grades. Her parents had passed away when she was 14 years of age in a tragic car accident. She graduated high-school and university/college early.
She is often found working on experiments or new inventions... (The other half of the time she's marvelling and drooling over Tony Stark; her role model).
Her cat got run over by a car, so she saved it's life by making it half robot.
She doesn't have many friends due to her intelligence and her love of working on mini projects and inventions, but whenever the topic of friends is brought up she usually lies about it or completely ignores that it was even brought up.
She was currently hired by Hammertech (Tony's enemy) and she is very ashamed, but is waiting for Tony Stark to someday hire her. She works with a dumbed down intelligence at Hammertech, to pretend to not be as smart as she is, keeping her best ideas to herself and slightly-derpy ideas to Hammertech. (She wouldn't want to help Tony's enemy be better than Tony! It's just for the moolah, moneehh)


Tomoko is a genius to put it plainly.
She's not very cocky about it but she can get snarky at times.
She is fun to be with and very outgoing but EXTREMELY nerdy when it comes to science and shiz she's obsessed with or things she's REALLY into.

Nationality: White-wash. Half caucasian, half asian.

Body type: Ectomorph, Pear.

Bra size: 34B

Hair color: Black with neon-ish blue tips.

Eye color: Blue-green

Hair length: Short.
She has a part of her bangs that clump like an upside-down raindrop at the center of her forehead (I describe it like this to give imagery).

Height: 5"4

Blood Type: O-

(You can see most of this through the ref I hope but this is for re-assurance and extra little notes)

She wears a grey cat hat that has a blue lightning bolt running through it's left eye (right to you).
She wears the hat tilted slightly the right of her head (left to you).
Her usual outfit is composed of a white thick tank top with a neon blue triangle symbol on her chest, and has crafted rips on both sides at her waist to look like cat scratches/claw marks.
These rips are also found on her stockings and arm pieces.
Her scarf is blood red, but is tattered and ripped as well as scorched at the bottom (due to an experiment).
She loves this scarf to death and she would in no way in her right mind dare to get a new one.
On her left wrist she has a light blue slightly transparent watch-like but more bracelet-like contraption.
With this, she can access her home computer and all her technological devices and things by pulling up a holographic touch screen.
She always wears her headphones, as they enhance her hearing and have a built in microphone that is not visible.

Ioki Charms
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  • 04/06/14 to 03/30/14 (1)
  • 02/10/13 to 02/03/13 (2)
  • 06/24/12 to 06/17/12 (1)
  • 09/04/11 to 08/28/11 (1)
  • 08/07/11 to 07/31/11 (1)
  • 05/08/11 to 05/01/11 (1)
  • 04/24/11 to 04/17/11 (1)
  • 08/08/10 to 08/01/10 (44)

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    Community Member

    Sun Feb 10, 2013 @ 05:37am

    What color are her eyes? o w o;

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