Terezi Mindfang Pyrope
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My crush's dad passed away yesterday. He had been fighting cancer for over half a year and we all knew it was coming, we just didn't want it to. He's in a better place now and his life had basically been living hell, so I'm relieved he's passed on but sad at the same time...

Also, I told some guys in my science class I was gay. They wouldn't stop bugging me about this guy I dated about five months ago. I'd broke up with him about a month ago and told them that and they were like "why?" so I told them and they busted out laughing. It wasn't the reaction I expected but it was better than the scowls and disgusted looks I'm used to getting.

I'm kind of starting to wonder about telling her how I feel on Valentine's Day. I mean, she's gone through a lot these past few days and... ugh, it just doesn't feel right.