Wow, haven't written in like what, four months?

Anyway, got a Dell Latitude D610 laptop out of the trash, also broke my leg at a trampoline park sweatdrop

I keep trying to get back into ActionScript development because my friend codemonkey was trying to convince me to, but I keep forgetting sweatdrop

Just finished a really nice program written in Java using an HTTP wrapper I found online and an extremely helpful apache library, I'm trying to port it over to C++ now to see if I can get either a faster runtime or just more features, but I would need to find a nice free HTTP wraper like I did in Java. I've been tempted to just use cURL, but it's a bit too complicated for me, I don't like it too much. I'm hoping to release a few of my programs in the upcoming weeks on a forum I frequent, and no you can not have the link. Sorry, it's just how I roll.

Being stuck on the couch all day with a broken leg is never fun, so I've been playing Steam games a lot more recently. Befriended a moderator on a Garry's Mod server, and even submitted a moderator application. Hoping to be a mod on there soon, that would be pretty fun.

Oh, and Gaia Error Message of the Day!


No Data Found
The user store you're looking for does not exist, or is not currently active.

If you have, please do not modify the URL.

Thought that one was funny, I can just imagine an administrators voice if they read that aloud: "And to you pesky explorers, please do not modify the URL"

Oh, and just one more, another one I thought was funny.


General Error
The store id provided does not match the owner id of the vend listing. How did you even get here? ...

That's all for now folks, I'll post again sometime soon!