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Every thing has a begining, and this journal has one too- you are reading it ATM.

while the rest of the journal will be for my random thoughts, this entry I'll dedicate to tell you guys (is there anybody OUT THERE) bout myself.

I'm not new to gaia. I used to frequant gaia a lot during my teens, but tis and that happened so i took a break. now i came back cuz am bored.

my life are pretty empty, and every once in a while i get a new fad to keep me occupied and later i get bored of it and ditch it, so don't get hooked on this blog- I dunno how long ill keep this up. I remember writing a fanfiction for a crossover of harry potter and elfen lied- i wrote a few chapters over the year and than got tired and stopped. now since i changed my email, can't even access that fic even if I wanted to- not that I do. both elfen lied and harry potter are lost chapters in my history

...not that it means that i never will, yes? some chapters g in and out, like warcraft and pokemon. some chapters never left, like my obsession with the 'wheel of time' series (I liked WoT even b4 it's author died). touhou is currently a big chapter in my life, but t's starting to fade.

well that would be all for now. sorry for the lack of smilies.

peace out.