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I thought it would be better to bring this out as an excerpt. And, it turns out, I do have this in an entry, only it won't be shown until 2016.

Here it is!!

"Continuing from earlier, our original guests become our friends rather than guests. Fans are different so I can't exactly pay attention to Haruhi.... Fans are what I meant by "other girls" Sorry, it's hard to know which one (guests versus fans) I mean. Once out of high school, I'm not surrounded by girls, just Haruhi and my friends <- my future is fine. It's just... right now... Remember, in Hollywood, when you asked "Your Tamaki..." something about being unaware of my feelings? It's not exactly... Speaking out of roleplay, (I haven't determined an age for myself, for example, seventeen year old me as myself, and maybe in some cases where I know things I should not know yet, university me roleplaying high school me on gaia), I'm aware there's an unawareness, somehow, despite the age (16) my character and I share, but that's not how it works. I don't act like I'm unaware. I really am unaware. If you tried to have my exact point of view, you wouldn't understand anything you try to tell me either..because of my deep belief that I'm Haruhi's father. If you can't make me realize I'm, for some reason, not Haruhi's father (what?), then I will never know what's the truth...in everything. Nothing will begin until then and everything unravels after that. That's how my brain works 8D I'm not an idiot about this. My perspective is simply different."

Think about everything about me in our series and apply what I just said.

I'm not an idiot. I think things differently for reasons...

A misplaced notice: I think my inbox is forever unorganized. I have so many unanswered PMs. I always reply and I haven't because....I figured out a solution yesterday though! I shall document them in Word documents!! My savebox can't save a complete record. -holds head with a short loud groan- I really wish that hadn't happened. When the same person sends a new message every time, all I see is their replies, half of a conversation, and that's not helpful. In three years, if I have that saved, that won't help me at all. I won't know what the conversation is, what I wrote. I will not remember the details of every conversation, meaningful or not, I have ever had. Seven years from now? Ha ha, I really won't. I don't know, I found that I had to remember. She's one of my important regular guests. Not only that but I care about her. I can't let our conversation fade into dust after a night's sleep. It would be like I never heard what she said, and I did and replied her. Waaaa! Antoinette, I'm stalling them crying ;; Okay, okay, everyone, b-but I already said it! I need to save them so I remember. I have many things to do on a daily basis so I won't be permanently remembering our conversations all the time at the same time. Also, our original guests' conversations don't involve personal problems so this is different!

I feel so terrible. I really want to reply PMs normally again crying

RULE: No sending multiple new PMs gonk

My inbox and I really appreciate the love but it doesn't have défense over flooding from one person

@ - @

-looks around the room to see scattered paper-

...Time to get to work. I have 56% to manage.

The cutting off PMs do...That is helpful. I'm being honest, not sarcastic. It really is helpful to the mailing system here. It's just une petite douleur when it comes to saving two versions of the same conversation, one, the PM in the middle of conversation, later, the last PM before the cut off, and the new PM: three messages for the same conversations. It's troublesome for us and our readers when one misses a single reply in 13 replies if you put the conversation on one continuous page for our readers to see. -sigh- I'll document my messages on Saturday, I suppose. I have 31 images to edit, not counting possible future ones, have to talk to Kyoya, aaaah. We're not over-planning. We're not over-planning. This morning, I thought we were, but right now, I don't! We can do this. Everything will be fine. Except for this headache I have from mentally managing everything 8D Hatori-san never makes us over-plan. I'm just giving so many suggestions that it looks like it's over-planning when we haven't planned anything yet. We're planning the planning! ...Does that make sense?

Many suggestions -> brainstorm <- looks like over planning when we haven't finalized a plan