Oh this brisk winter night,
as I walk my dog.
A full moon illuminates the sky.
Snowflakes are making my glasses fog.

I can't shake this feeling.
There just isn't enough time.
I can't help it.
She's been running though my mind.

The highlight of the week
The best part of the day.
Is when I see her smile
and she greets me with a soft 'hey!'

She knows my name,
She touched my jacket.
I can't believe i'm saying this
But I might be in love. God damn it!

I'm too busy for girls
I don't have time for dates.
But I can't even work
without thinking of our fate.

I walk my dog up the stairs
I grab the handle and yawn.
Sleep doesn't matter
I will be worrying even after dawn.

I looked down to see my footprints in the snow,
I forgot my Key.
I look at the icy roads.
Please drive safe, Marcy.