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Tirsia, the Timeless Shapeshifter
Tirsia has been alive as long as she can remember....she doesn't remember her parents or when she was born though, even when she tries there always seems to be a barrier or some sort of force that makes her stop and push out the thought, the earliest memory that hurts the most when she tries to remember is she was standing in a big room with a red and black dress looking down her eyes wide open, and her pressing her hands really tightly to her ears, everything was shadowy and there's a deep gruesome tragic sort of feel to the whole room, in the glimpse of her eye she can see a woman...it seems something bad is happening to her why?! How?! Its useless...no matter how hard she pushes everything fades and she's back in the real world.

Tirsia has been endlessly wandering the world trying to find answers, unlock the memory, figure out who she truly is, but she's only come to realize very few things, like that she can shapeshift into any sort of person but she can never get past the age of 17(which she loathes! She despises that she is stuck as a child), and that she can learn very easily almost anything she wants.

Trisia is always trying to make herself look older unless she's just not in the mood, recently she's mostly been in the mood to look child-like, after decades of always trying to look older its getting tiresome, she's beginning to care less and less. She's very shy and scares pretty easily too regardless of how much time passes or what she wants to look like. Ironically she ADORES and pretty much has fallen in love with a new fighting champion named Epic to Tirsia it doesn't seem surprising that she adores Epic so much after-all Epic is everything she ever wanted to be! Also, Tirsia has always secretly loved fighting and every chance she got she tried to learn whatever fighting styles were around, but she's MUCH too afraid to EVER use them, her first choice would always be to run before fight. What Tirsia doesn't know is her infatuation with Epic goes much much deeper....the fact is Epic is the big key to unlocking Tirsia's full memory and breaking her curse, while at the same time Tirsia is the key to letting Epic herself knows who she truly is!

A prophecy told long ago by the only last standing faithful companion of Epic, will it ever come into play? Will Tirsia and Epic come together and learn what they need and fulfill this prophecy?